Friday, April 20, 2012


As you might recall, I gave up buying fabric for Lent.  Lent was over a while ago, why am I talking about it now?  Well, I guess it is because I have some confessing to do.  I have been on a serious fabric buying binge.  It all started Easter Sunday.  As the family and I were driving up to Mammoth Lakes, CA for some spring break skiing:
  1. I remembered Lent and my "fast" were over, 
  2. I realized that my husband's IPad had cellular internet service,
  3. We were stuck in traffic due to a brush fire and I had an extra hour or so tacked onto the 5 hour drive,
  4. I couldn't help myself???
I mentioned during Lent that I really liked the Flea Market Fancy fabric line by Denyse Schmidt., and it seemed like it was selling out all over the place.  Now, in hindsight it may have only seemed like I was going to miss out, and NOT being able to buy it may have made it even more desirable (after all, you always want what you can't have, right?).  But, I was steadfast and just put my name on the Fat Quarter Shop's email list for when they got it in stock and prayed that it would be after Lent, but before everyone else bought it.  (Picture me here biting my fingernails and tapping my toes, staring at the calendar.)

That Sunday, they had not contacted me yet, so I went elsewhere online to find it.  And find most of it, I did!  I found some at, for much less than anywhere else, so I ordered the prints they had in stock.  Oh, and some white solid I had been meaning to get for ages.

Itch scratched, right?

A few days later into our vacation, I remembered that I needed borders for my Hands2Help quilt, so I ordered those from Connecting Threads.  Oh, and some nice brown solid for a border for my Lincoln quilt.

A few days after that, I decided I really needed to have the whole collection of Flea Market Fancy, so I started looking for the other prints.  What do you know, I found some at Hawthorne Threads at 20% off, and I put in an order.  Now there were only 2 prints I was still missing.  Oh, and I got some Riley Blake Scoot that was on sale.

Throw in a trip to Joann's, where I got some outdoor canvas for pillows for our deck at a steal!  Oh, and a few other odds and ends.

Low and behold, I heard today from Fat Quarter Shop, and I placed my final order for the missing 2 prints of Flea Market Fancy.  Oh, and I finally caved in on the Swoon pattern.  Oh, and there may have been a random fat quarter bundle thrown in there too.

I have a problem.

A serious illness.

I know some of you out there share it.  

In the past I have hidden my addiction by making my purchases with cash.  Unfortunately, ordering online doesn't exactly allow that option.  Now there is a paper trail, which inevitably be discovered shortly by my husband. 

My head hangs in shame.

No Mother's Day gift for me this year.


I can't wait to create!!  Did I mention that I also got also got the Quick Curve Ruler from Jenny at Sew Kind of Wonderful?  I just love those Urban Nine Patch and Urban Deco blocks.

Did I mention I have a problem??  Do they have rehab facilities for this?


  1. This makes me smile - so funny! I know the feeling! I was worried about what the mail lady was thinking last week when the mail order purchases rolled in. The mail lady--why do I care??? Oh and they tell me rehab is for sissies- of course with a pair of sissors you could cut up those ugly gowns and stitch them back together lol!

  2. This made me chuckle too... I can so relate!!
    I feel guilty a lot about how much fabric I buy. But I've come around to the fact that life is short and I don't have any other vices.

    But in saying that it does depend on whether that money is supposed to be there for something else or not. I am (unusually for me) being very strong at the moment and wilfully trying not to buy any more.
    Because Mr F & I have set a goal of owning a home and I intend to follow through with it.
    But it's hard work.


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