Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wait, Mr. Postman, check and see! - Building Blocks Tuesday

I was so busy last week trying to get ready for my trip that I didn't make a single new block.  So, I decided what better time to show you some of the marvelous blocks I have received from the Star of Africa Bee!

Last month was my month, and I asked members to make me a 8 1/2 inch block with "animals" as the theme.  The rest of the specifications were up to them!  I explained that I was hoping to make a book for my kids to take on car trips as a sort of game to see who might spot one of these animals out the window.

This was the first package, I received from Cindy in Frisco, TX:

She made a Jackalope block!  Isn't it adorable???  Some say the jackalope is a mythical creature that roams the prairies of the West.  Cindy was kind enough to send a jackalope stuffed animal, and some other Texas goodies including a cookie cutter and some Texas Bluebonnet fabric.  So sweet of her!!

The next package I received was from Patty in Canada:

I absolutely adore these paper pieced blocks!!!  Foxes are one of my favorite animals and the birch tree fabric in the bear block is just outstanding!  I will have to find out where she found it.  She also included some delightful monkey fabric that is so soft it makes me want to cuddle up with it at night.

Thank you Cindy and Patty!!  I can't wait to see what else the postman will bring me!

What have you been working on this week?  Link up your fabulous blocks.  You put a lot of hard work into them - show them off!  And, don't forget, you have all week to add them if you like.

Quilter in the Closet


1) Please link up only to the page in your blog showing your wonderful blocks, not just the blog homepage
2) Make sure to put your blog name as the description so people know where they are going or the name of your block!
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  1. Really sorry I haven't got mine finished yet. Number 3 needed some fancy stuff which I bought years ago, and now can't find - then a friend gave me some more last week, but it didn't work, so I'm on plan F and will get finished as soon as I can (away this w/e and visitors next, but I will get there eventually!


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