Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day -August Recap

I can't believe it is already September!  Summer, and especially the month of August just flew by!


So here is the recap for August:

1. August Free Motion Challenge
2. Ashley's Teacher Thank you quilt
3. My "Utah" block of Arches National Park for the Star of Africa Bee
4. Urban Nine Patch Table Runner was finally quilted
5. lots of blocks for the How Far Will You Go? QAL
6. 8 blocks to date for the Vintage Holiday QAL
7. a few more blocks for the Beginner QAL at Quilting Gallery
8. another block from the BQAL
9. one more shot of my August Free Motion Challenge, just to round out the mosaic

I'm a little proud of myself.  I actually finished a few projects this month in addition to doing a bunch of blocks!  Here's to hoping the trend continues!  Especially since a few of these quilt alongs will be wrapping up this month (Beginner QAL and Vintage Holiday), and those quilts will need to be quilted.

I still have a few projects languishing in the corner, but they will probably need to wait a little longer as there are two new quilt tops I am starting to work on this coming week (one for my Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop stop, and the other is the Totally Groovy QAL).  So, lots of work ahead.  I hope you come back next month to see what gets done!

What else will next month bring?  Until next month's Fresh Sewing Day....keep quilting.


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  1. Very impressed with all the stuff you got done. Really like your How Far Will You Go blocks!

  2. Your projects look great! Isnt the vintage holiday quilt along fun? And I can't wait to see your project for the blog hop!

  3. I sure do like those vintage holiday blocks. Fantastic Utah block, Jen! It arrived this week and it's perfect! Thanks so much.

  4. Everything looks great! I like that Utah block.

  5. Great blocks for BQA. I thought we were never gonna get away from the HST.

  6. You've made some beautiful things this month. I especially like your tree :)


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