Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inspirational Sunday (8) - via the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

These items are 3-D in nature.  I'm not sure if they really fit into the "modern" quilting style or are just a new thing people are experimenting with (which by definition makes it modern, right?).

These first two pictures are of the Artist Village.  It was a project by Kathy York.  Houses were created by Kathy York, Jane Davila, Judy Perez, Leslie Jenison, Jamie Fingal, Connie Hudson, Sherri McCauley, Barb Forrister, Naomi Adams, Laura Wasilowski, Frieda Anderson, Melanie Testa, Frances Holliday Alford, Susan Else, Lisa Call, Pamela Allen, and Vickie Hallmark. They are fused appliqued, painted, machine and hand stitched, dyed, and hand embellished.  The village symbolizes the support given to each other in the quest to create art.

My other pictures of this exhibit didn't turn out well, but you can see the diversity of the houses.  And the little felted trees are interesting too.

Now here is a quilt that is truly 3-D!  "Central Park" by Kathy York of Austin, Texas.  I guess she likes 3-D!    It is Shibori, discharged, overdyed, hand-dyed, fused appliqued, machine pieced, hand appliqued, machine quilted and hand embroidered.  Whew!

If you are wondering what is inside those "buildings" to make them stand up like that - they are stuffed with Styrofoam!

What about you; have you ever been inspired to create a 3-D quilted item?



  1. A great concept, but I have very little wall space in my house, so quilts are for snuggling under, not hanging on walls

  2. Thank you for featuring my work! Yes, I like 3D, but I also make a lot of flat quilts too, both for the walls and the beds! lol!


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