Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inspirational Sunday (7) - via the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

Today, I want to share with you a few "modern" quilts that I saw at the show.  It seems modern quilting is really gaining momentum all across the world.  I know I have been bitten by the modern bug!  There are a dozen patterns, at least, that I want to try out.

This one is called "Memories Too" by Giny W. Dixon of Danville, California.  It is machine pieced, free-motion quilted and hand embroidered.

I wish the photo was better, but the lighting in this area was terrible!  I just love the color combination and the simplicity of this quilt.

Next up is "Spiral Fever" by Jane Lloyd of Ballymena, Northern Ireland, UK.  It uses "cutwork", is layered and fused.

Probably my favorite of the modern quilts was this one called "Gridlock" by Annette Guerrero of Pasadena, California.  It is machine pieced and machine quilted.

I love the simple grid pattern of the quilting.  It really goes with the quilt.

What modern pattern are you just chomping at the bit to try out?



  1. I agree gridlock is great but I really love spiral fever :)

  2. I'm with Janine! My modern WIP isthe rainbow hexagon fom a book Janine leant me, it needs a lot f thinking bout, and accurate seams, which is my excse fir not finishing it!!!


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