Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ms. Kitty - still in rehab

I was at the shop this morning 15 minutes before it opened, glaring at the salesperson.  At opening, she noticed me and told me the machines were not in yet.  "They are usually delivered sometime between now and one o'clock."  I thought to myself, do I need to spell out D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E?  So I called at 1:20.  "No, they haven't come in yet.  They are a little behind today.  We will call you!"  At three o'clock, they called to tell me Ms. Kitty did not come in.  Evidently, there was a part that was ordered and didn't come in on time.  "Perhaps next week".  Are you kidding me?

Remember that post where I explained that I opted for the shop closer to me rather than driving an hour each way to the place it was serviced originally.  Well, I am definitely re-thinking that now!

I guess I will buy some more fabric to ease my pain.


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  1. oh dear, I'm sorry that Miss Kitty is still in the shop. What is wrong with it? Waiting for parts is so frustrating and annoying. Where do you live? It is too bad you don't live in Brandon, Manitoba Canada, as I would be delighted to lend you a machine. Perhaps a visit to a local thrift shop will get a vintage all metal sewing machine to keep you sewing while waiting for Miss Kitty's repairs.


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