Friday, May 25, 2012

Free Motion Finish Friday

Finally a finish!  Here is my piece for May's Free Motion Challenge at Sew Cal Gal's blog.

I dare say my practice pieces turned out a little better, but I am still happy with how this one turned out.  I actually had, not one but two, sneezes sneak up on me while quilting this.  Brother Bear doesn't have the same speed control as Ms. Kitty, so on the first sneeze, I actually pushed the pedal faster.  The second I managed not to push my foot, but my hands wiggled a bit. I tried to travel stitch back to cover the two enormous stitches that resulted, but I'm not that great at traveling yet.  Oh well, I'll just cover those parts with a plate, or a fork.


One of the things I really appreciated about these "foundational" designs, as Leah puts it, is that you get a chance to stitch down a meandering line first.  That line was nice, because I knew my quilt was secure before I went in and did some of the detail work.  On this small piece it probably didn't matter much (especially since I spray basted it), BUT on a bigger quilt I could really see how that might be nice, particularly if you pin.

Are you participating in the Free Motion Challenge?  How is it going?  I would love to hear!

Well, I am off to try to quilt up my Bee Happy quilt with Big Brother again.  Ms. Kitty hasn't returned from the spa, and the deadline is Sunday!  That completely sneaked up on me!  Reminds me that earlier this week I had a conversation with one of Ashley's teachers about how she doesn't like to do her homework.  I was tired of the arguing and temper tantrums so when the day came that she was supposed to turn it in, I sent her to school with it not completed.  I was hoping a disappointed look from the teacher would solve this problem.  But somehow, she got it done in the hour she has at the afterschool program, which on this day was actually before school.  Her teacher, ever positive, said that perhaps she will be a successful procrastinator.  Hmmm, I wonder who she gets it from?



  1. Your FMQ is looking good! I think this meander design is a great choice for this fun quilt.

  2. Hi Jen, Your fmq is wonderful, the May foundation designs look fantastic on your place mat. Hope you get Miss Kitty back soon. Yes, I'm participating in the free motion quilting challenge. I'm enjoying it very much, although it is difficult to make the time to practice daily or even weekly. I did a ton of practice on feathers in Feb. they were pretty good. I tried drawing some out last week which were wonky again.~sigh

  3. I think your piece looks very good. When we have more experience maybe we will be able to stop before a sneeze and restart afterward. Right now that would take more coordination than I possess while quilting. : )


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