Friday, January 8, 2016

Deb's NY Beauty Circle of Geese - a Finish Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen.....this mini quilt has been 9 months in the making, which is about how long since I have had a finish Friday!

NY Beauty Circle of Flying Geese Mini for Deb

Deb's NY Beauty Circle of Geese mini is finally finished!  I completed the last few inches of binding up over the weekend.  I am completely ashamed that it took me so long to finish this one up.  Rather than rehash the excuses, I can only ask, and hope that Deb forgives me.

center of Deb's NY Beauty Circle of FG

This Beauty is already on its way to her.  Pray that it doesn't get lost on the way!  I'm not sure how long it will take me to make a replacement, LOL.

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  1. It may have taken you a while to finish this, but I am sure it is going to be worth the wait for Deb, Stunning!

  2. just saying my birthday is in 11 months if you want to start another one.

  3. Beautiful! Your quilting is lovely and I'm sucker for color sorting :)

  4. Well worth the wait I would say. It is wonderful and your quilting really makes it. I'd love to have that hanging on my wall.

  5. It's a stunner! Once she lays eyes on it, the wait will melt away! Well done!

  6. Wow! I would wait 9 months for this! :) it's beautiful, and I love the quilting. Rainbows get me every time!

  7. It may have taken a while to make but oh so worth it it is a real beauty such wonderful points and loving the flying geese they must be getting dizzy going around in circles like that!

  8. Wow, it's gorgeous, Jen! And the quilting is fantastic. I suspect you'll be forgiven. ;)

  9. WOW Jen! Stunner, and the quilting is awesome too! A NY Super Beauty.

  10. It's beautiful and so is your quilting! I'd figure you.

  11. Your quilting is amazing. It's a wonderful finish.

  12. Jen, Jen, Jen! I received the mini in the mail today--Tuesday--and it is SO MUCH more than I expected! I absolutely love it! The quilting is unbelievable! And the size of the mini is such a perfect size...yes, a mini, surely...but not as mini a mini as I envisioned. :)

    I can't tell you how much I love all the colors! And this is where it will go...I'm getting a new sewing room soon because my daughter got married in November and her room is empty!!!

    I wrote a post about it here:

    So...I don't have my sewing room yet...maybe a couple of months before that happens, but the mini you made me will be the first thing on the wall to decorate my new spot.

    Yes, it was definitely worth the wait! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jen! And I love the last sentence of your post...thankfully, it didn't get lost in the mail! :)

    I will treasure it always. You do a lot of good work in that closet of yours!
    Happy Days to you, Deb

  13. Hi Jen, I am a friend of Deb's and wanted to stop by and say WOW!! Your NY Beauty Circle of Geese is stunning! The colors, the quilting, the whole thing is just beautiful! What a special treasure for Deb. You are a very talented and generous lady!! I jokingly asked Deb if you would fly to Virginia and help her get her sewing room ready?! lol


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