Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer is nearly here?? - Building Blocks Tuesday

Back in the saddle again...only to be thrown out again.  I finally got a chance late last week to sit down at my machine and sew a little.  I got these two blocks done for Barbara in the We Bee With It Bee.

We Bee with It - May block for Barbara

We Bee with It - May block for Barbara

Sometimes I think Red, White and Blue is the most versatile color combo!  These were fun, but I am not sure I will make them again for a while.

It seems as soon as I thought I would get some solid sewing time in, I am reminded that there are other things that need to take priority.  This week it is Open House at school.  It really sneaked up on me.  I am the art docent for Lizzy's class, and I need to mount and display one of the art projects that we did this year.  I also have to find time to go teach the lesson to any new students or students that were absent the day we did it.  All before Thursday of course!  This being a short week put even more pressure on to get it done, and I'm sure the teachers feel the same way.

Also, this coming weekend is Lizzy's birthday party.  She has decided to have a slumber party and has invited several girls from her class.  Only...no one has RSVP'd yet.  I am hoping that, like me, the holiday weekend just preoccupied their minds and that they will respond today.  Fingers crossed.  We purposely didn't invite too many kids because we didn't want a swarm of 7 year olds tearing through this little house.  Now, I am wondering if that was a bad idea.  I ran into a friend today who has 2 little girls, one Lizzy's age and one Ashley's age and asked if they might join us.  I need bodies here!  Otherwise I think Lizzy would feel let down, and I wouldn't want that.  Party planning has begun.  I have several activities planned, and a rather involved breakfast to make.  Hopefully, we will survive.

There are also a handful of projects around the house that really need to get done soon, before summer hits.  I need to call a few contractors for bids, some for perfectly silly things like fixing our doorbell, some for more involved projects.  Ugh.  Just when I got the house back to normal from our bathroom remodel.  It's always something with home ownership!

And, I can't quite believe it, but summer vacation is only a few weeks away.  Scary.  I kept thinking that surely I would have this quilt done by then, and that quilt started, and a whole bunch of fabric cut to take EPP with me.  Has any of it happened?  NOPE!

Hopefully, you are doing better with your preparations for summer??

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  1. blocks look good, quite patriotic being red white and blue. I am sure it will be total chaos at the slumber party! enjoy and happy birthday to Lizzy

  2. Oh I do hope the party goes well - why do people think it's Ok not to reply??!! Summer hols? Ugh, I've got another SEVEN weeks at school before we break for six weeks holidays!


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