Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inspirational Sunday 10 - via the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

This morning has me slogging around, not feeling too well.  Nothing too dramatic, everyone seems to be coming down with their first or second colds of the season and I am not alone despite having inherited a compulsion to wash my hands more frequently than necessary (thanks Gram).

My dear husband has just left to take the kids to Sunday school, and I this week's theme was inspired by getting Olivia ready.  She is 3.  A very determined 3.  She doesn't want to dress herself yet, but she wants to pick out what she is going to wear.  This morning she chose a pretty aqua dress, perfect for Sunday school.  However, in this household, and especially on cool days, I require that the girls wear pants underneath their dresses to hide their panties and keep them warm.  Olivia did not appreciate this requirement this morning and did NOT want pants.  Then she altered her position to not wanting the aqua pants that I chose to match her dress.  Temper tantrum ensued.  She wanted PINK pants, PINK, PINK, PINK!  While she did not get her way THIS morning, I have chosen several pink quilts to share with you.  Thank you, Olivia for the inspiration of today's theme.

The first one is called Hula Hibiscus by Lisa Calle of Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

"Hula Hibiscus" by Lisa Calle of Pottstown, PA

She used paperless paper piecing (I wonder what that is??), and Piecelique.   The design source of the center applique was by Ronda Beyer.  I assume the rest was self-designed.  She says this quilt "is the result of a challenge a friend issued to create a quilt with her original appliqued design and only use scrap fabrics.  This was the first time I created a quilt without a design plan.  I worked my was from the center and designed as I went along using only fabrics I had on hand."

"Hula Hibiscus" by Lisa Calle, close up 1

The quilting is just amazing!

"Hula Hibiscus" by Lisa Calle, close up 2

The second quilt I want to share is called The Candy Shop by Miyuki Hamaba of Sanda, Hyogo, Japan.  It won Second Place in the Merit Quilting Hand category.

"The Candy Shop" by Miyuki Hamaba of Hyogo, Japan

She hand pieced, hand appliqued, hand embroidered and hand quilted this Sundial block.  She says "Would you like juicy candies from Miyuki's special shop?  Here are some selections:  cherry, lemon, vanilla, chocolate and any taste you want!  Can't choose one?  Have as much as you want!  I bet you will get addicted after one bite."   Well that's a playful artists statement if I ever saw one!

"The Candy Shop" by Miyuki Hamaba, close up quilting 2

Here are few pics close up so you can see the stitching and piecing.

"The Candy Shop" by Miyuki Hamaba, close up quilting

And I took this one of the edge of the quilt because I was so in love with the looped edge she put on it.

"The Candy Shop" by Miyuki Hamaba, close up border

Pretty neat, yes?

I am going to go wallow some more.

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  1. So sorry you are feeling punky, no fun. I laughed at your story of Olivia, because for church today little Micah (2 1/2) picked out her yellow lady bug dress because it matched her Bob the Builder construction hat.
    The quilts you featured are amazing. I am in awe of both the quilting, and to think that the second was hand quilted. Beautiful. I hope you are sparkling soon.


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