Monday, October 7, 2013

4th Quarter goal setting - 2013 Finish Along

Time for my 4th Quarter goal setting.

The kids damaged my keyboard so I am trying to write this out with minimal use of the letter "v" and for some reason the shift key and the "t" don't want to work together.  I have only managed to get those letters into the text of this post by coping and pasting them from other posts, or by relying on spell check to fill them in.  Kids!

As I mentioned in my 3rd quarter progress report, this goal setting list is a bit of a challenge.  I have loads of things I want to finish in time for Christmas, but at the same time, I really want to be realistic with what I can finish.  If the last two weekends are any indication, it is going to be pretty busy around here.  I do like to challenge myself too.  Here's what I came up with considering all those things.

  • Finish my Handstitched Medallion Quilt - this was also a goal for October.  I am hand quilting away and can I just say, burying knots bites.  Some of my knots are not staying buried and it is really annoying.

  • Medallion Quilt top

  • Swoon - I want to finish the blocks this month, but the entire quilt by Christmas

  • Swoon block 7

  • Commission Quilt - the sooner the better on this one

  • commission quilt WIP

  • Pattern testing quilt - I just started quilting this one, so it should be done soon
  • 2 more QAYG tote bags for gifts - these take at least 4 steady days to finish each one.

  • Front of Tinker Tote 2
    • T-shirt quilts for my girls - I really, really, really want to start and finish these for the girls.  T-shirts are piling up to the point of over-flowing, so accomplishing a couple of finishes here would be a huge relief in consideration of space.
    I think those are pretty lofty goals.  I still have blocks to finish for Star of Africa, Simply Solids, the Lucky Star BOM, and of course my UFO group, the Lazy Bums.

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    1. Great list. I love your QAYG bag, and I finished my first one. Love them, and the whole process. Hand quilting, I'm impressed, it looks beautiful. I am trying to reach some of my own goals too, such a good feeling to check things off the list. Good luck with yours, and your keyboard. :)

    2. That's a fairly daunting list you have there. I hope you manage to find time to eat and sleep in the coming quarter Jen :)

    3. That's a fairly daunting list you have there. I hope you manage to find time to eat and sleep in the coming quarter Jen :)

    4. Good luck - I'm still waiting for my "Swoon" fabric to inspire me. Hasn't happened yet.

    5. Oooo, your Medallion Quilt is so nice. I love the wide gray border and the little bits of orange around the medallion.

    6. Busy busy busy! keeps you out of mischief ?

    7. This is absolutely beautiful.Any of your project is fabulous.Go you can!

    8. Some nice variety in your tasks here, I need to finish up my list :)


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