Friday, July 12, 2013

Gigantor - a Friday Finish

Surprise!  I have a finish for today.  Yes, I am on vacation, but thanks to a couple nights of pre-trip insomnia, I actually finished up Gigantor the day before we left town.

Gigantor close up

Quilting this king sized Impromtu quilt was a huge experiment for me. I really wanted to see if the Janome Horizon I bought last July could handle a quilt this size.  I can honestly say, yes!  I worked in quadrants around the entire quilt, but all that extra throat space really made it doable.  I doubt I will make a whole bunch of king sized quilts, but it feels good to know I can if I want to.

Another experiment was in the photography of this big quilt.  Gigantor is for my own bed, but it didn't make a particularly striking photo in our room primarily because we have a distractingly large and colorful quilt on the wall in there.  So the girls and I set out to find a good spot or two for pictures of this big quilt.

1/4 of Gigantor

It was a struggle.  The picture above shows only 1/4 of the finished quilt.

Here are my assistants laying out the quilt in a grassy field.


Then, clearly exhausted, my assistants had to lay down.

Tired helpers after laying out Gigantor quilt

Finally, my assistants realized they were also in the photos and saw an opportunity to try out modeling themselves as well has the quilt.

Helpers turned models (Gigantor quilt)

Those silly girls!

Some quilt stats:

Pattern is Impromptu by Rachel Griffith
Fabric is Good Fortune by Kate Spain and Kona White
Size: 110 inches square
Quilted with an all over flower pattern found in Angela Walters books and Craftsy classes

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  1. Congratulations on finishing and quilting a king size quilt on your machine!

  2. Oh I lov eit..It looks wonderful..I lov ethe little bursts of color among the white.

  3. Jen, it is fabulous, you must be very proud of yourself.

    Your models are a hoot!

  4. Looks wonderful, Jen! A real accomplishment. I love the throat size on my Horizon too! Have a great vacation!

  5. Such a beautiful quilt but I just LOVE the photo shoot! What cuties LOL Well done for quilting it on your machine, I considered a Horizon when I bought my machine but went with a Bernina and the largest I have quilted is about 70" x 80", I don't think I could do bigger.

  6. That is HUGE! And it's gorgeous!

  7. That quilt is beautiful! I know it was a huge challenge to quilt a quilt that big! It's awesome that you were able to do it!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. There's so much to wow about with this quilt - the design and fabrics and your quilting, patience and determination. Just loving your two photo assistants who finish it off perfectly, it's gorgeous :)

  9. That is such a beautiful quilt, Jen - I love the design AND the fabric (how can you go wrong with Kate Spain???) Whoop whoop for you!!

  10. This turned out so pretty! Perfect for a bedroom and wow-your quilting is great! Love your models--so fun!

  11. ha ha, well done assistants, great job! and well done mum, fab quilt!

  12. I love it, Jen! Great job! Those photos of your girls are hilarious! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  13. Your quilt is amazing. I really want mine finished now. Well done and your photos are great!

  14. Wow! I am totally impressed. This quilt is huge, and to do it on your Janome. Wow. And it is beautiful, and it sets the models off so well. Congrats, you should be really pleased with this. I love it.

  15. Wonderful quilt, with a nice design. Perfect for a fresh look in your bedroom. Those models are the best of all, and your quilt weigh too. I prefer a solid clean rock hair, no worries of throwing it down with a move! :D


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