Monday, April 1, 2013

April - Fresh Sewing Day

March Mosaic

1. Boot for Tina, 2. Cherry Blossoms for Sana, 3. My Rainbow Road table runner, 4. Journal covers 1.1, 5. drunkard's path pot holder, 6. droplet journal covers, 7. Make it Modern March x plus, 8. Now spinning the right way, 9. Divided Baskets for Easter, 10. IMG_2137, 11. Ashley's Tooth Pillow Back, 12. Make it Modern March 1.1

There it is - the mosaic for this month's finishes.  Lots of blocks, lots of curves projects, but no finished quilts - wha, wha, whaaaa!

I guess that just leaves more opportunity for next month!

In other news, the girls really enjoyed going through their Easter baskets.  6 am came a little too early for the rest of us, but they were intent at discovering what was inside.  And despite not putting much candy in them, we had a hard time keeping them from eating what few pieces I did, until after a reasonable breakfast.

Ashley opening her basket

Ashley helping Olivia with her basket

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  1. Gosh Jen that's a huge amount of creative stuff!!! Lovely pics of the girls

  2. In the closet? That's funny! Good luck! You'll learn a lot from the quilt blogging world. I've know a lot of quilters and they are all such wonderful, friendly, helpful people. I've found the cyber quilting world to be the same.

  3. In the closet? Maybe I should sew in there too and get as much done as you!


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