Sunday, August 25, 2013

Inspirational Sunday 3 - via the 2013 International Quilt Show in Long Beach, CA

This week's theme is "People on Quilts".  The two quilts I've chosen for the week are portraits of people.

The first is called "Tribute to Matisse" by Rebecca Haley of Porterville, CA.  It was part of the collection of quilts in the Hoffman Challenge.

"Tribute to Matisse" by Rebecca Haley of Porterville, CA

The detail in the woman's face is just amazing!

"Tribute to Matisse" by Rebecca Haley, close up

I should mention that this is actually the 2012 Hoffman Challenge Fabric (the pink and purple floral fabric used in her hat and shawl).  The 2013 challenge only ended just before the Long Beach show and I suspect they won't be exhibited until much later in the year at the earliest.

From what I've been told, the Hoffman Challenge is a great place to start a "show career".  If you are interested in the upcoming challenge fabric and rules, click HERE.  The 2014 fabric looks fun!

I will have some more Hoffman Challenge quilts another Sunday.

The next quilt I want to share is called "Raven Blanket" by Lynn Czaban of Vancouver, Washington.  She received Honorable Mention in the Art-People, Portraits and Figures category.

"Raven Blanket" by Lynn Czaban of Vancouver, WA

This Quilt is machine appliqued, fused, thread painted and machine quilted.

"Raven Blanket" by Lynn Czaban, close up

The quilter was inspired by classes and books by Bonnie Keller and Marilyn Belford (in case you want to make your own!).  She also used a 1910 photograph by Edward Curtis of the Nez Perce Chief, Raven Blanket.  It is one of the many Curtis images housed at the Library of Congress.

I wonder if the technique is anything like the fusible applique method that Melinda Bula uses in her book, Cutting Garden Quilts: Fabulous Fusible Flowers (That Patchwork Place) (affiliate link).

My mom is a big Edward Curtis fan, so I thought she would really like to see this quilt.  I hope the rest of you found it interesting too.

So?  If you were to create a portrait quilt, who would be your subject?  Do I have you thinking?

Well, if you happened to make some good memories as part of your summer vacation, you could put that inspiration to good use and create a quilt for the Holiday Memories Mini Quilt Competition over at Celtic Thistle Stitches.  Fiona has dreamed up this little competition and I am sure one or two portraits might make it into the mix, though portraits are not required.  Any holiday memory is acceptable.  Hop on over there and check it out.

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  1. Amazing quilts don't think I need to worry about a show career just yet :)

  2. Amazing quilts don't think I need to worry about a show career just yet :)

  3. Amazing quilts don't think I need to worry about a show career just yet :)

  4. gosh! i think id try a pixcellated (?) one if i was doing a portrait, although keeping those squares in orderer would be hard its more *right or wrong* than these creative ones where there would be too much decision making required!!!!!


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