Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Fresh Sewing Day

I really love the idea of a monthly recap of what has been done; it makes me feel good.  How brilliant of Lily's Quilts to come up with such a wonderful linky party.

So here is July's Fresh Sewing day goodies:

1) My block for the Red White and Blue Blog Hop
2) Completed quilt top for the medallion quilt from the Handstitched Class at Stitched in Color
3) My applique T-shirt from the Handstitched Class
4) Front of my July Free Motion Challenge
5) A sample of the blocks I have completed for the Beginner's Quilt Along at Quilting Gallery
6) The blocks I made for the 3 x 6 Bee
7) My reverse applique needlebook from the Handstitched class
8) Another look at the embroidery that took so long on the medallion quilt
9) The back of my July Free Motion Challenge

It might be a little too much to expect that I will be able to show you another picture of that medallion quilt next month as a finished piece, but there are a bunch of other projects from the class that I want to return to and give a try.

Also, drum roll please.......I did buy a new sewing machine last weekend and it sews like butter.  No really, like butter!  I can't wait to finally get some of my quilting done on the numerous projects I listed in yesterday's WIP Wednesday post!!!!  Fingers crossed I can find some time even with the kiddos around.  School doesn't start until the 27th of August, and I don't think I can wait that long to say I finished some things.

I know, I know, it's not a race.  I just can't help myself.  My pile of sandwiched quilts has been growing these last few months and I like things to be finished!  Plus, there is nothing like hand sewing some binding on while there is actually something decent to watch on TV (the Olympics, of course).

Until next month's Fresh Sewing Day....keep quilting.


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  1. I really like your applique, it is super cute!

  2. you've had a productive month - beautiful bee blocks and your handstitched class projects looks great too

  3. You have so many great projects; beautiful work!
    I am visiting from The Small Blog Meet.

  4. what a great mosaic. I started my blog with a view to creating a lessons learned log so I'm loving yours too :)

  5. Lovely blog and lots of yummy makes!! Visiting you via the small blog meet :)

  6. Great productive month! What kind of sewing machine? I hope you give us a post about her. Enjoy!

  7. Nice work! I'd love to try reverse appliqué. Enjoy your new sewing machine!

  8. So many nice projects! I found you on Lily's. I'll have fun following you.

  9. I love that medallion quilt! I am sure it has taken you many hours to get this far!


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