Sunday, August 19, 2012

Inspiration Sunday (4) - via the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

This post should really be called "Little Pieces" because all of the following quilts have the tiniest piecing!  Get  ready, there are lots of pictures this Sunday!!!

The first two quilts were inspired by Liz Lois' book, Nearly Insane, and I can see why she titled it such.

This red & white beauty is called "Totally Insane" by Loretta Duffy of La Quinta, CA.  One of her little blocks contained 229 pieces!!!  That is insane!  The quilt was machine pieced and machine quilted.

Next is a quilt called "Dipped in Chocolate" by Karren Mitchell of Tustin, CA.  It is machine pieced and longarm quilted.  It was part of a year long exchange of Four Patches with friends.  It then took her another year to piece the 988 Four Patches and sashings.

These finished patches are only 1 1/2 inches square.  Amazing!

Next up is a mini quilt like no other I've ever seen.  It is called "Square in Square I" by Diane Loomis of Sudbury, Massachusetts.  It is machine pieced, and free-motion machine quilted.  The center point certainly has tiny piecing, but then it is surrounded by thin borders which are quilted on such a tiny scale.  It is really the mini-quilting that steals the show here.

Next up is "Kindergarten" by Tadako Nagasawa of Showa, Nogoya, Japan.  She actually explained how she made it in her description, "First, square pieces of 1 cm. x 1 cm. with seam allowances were joined as a string using the sewing machine.  Second, these strings were sewn together by hand.  The design was made of birds and small animals loved by infants."

I admit that as I walked by this quilt, I was so preoccupied by the tiny little pieces that I didn't even see the birds and animals she spoke of until I was across the room looking back at the quilt.

Finally, here is a fun one, "The Quilt Show" by Carole L. Corder of Kettle Falls, Washington.  It is hand and machine pieced, needleturn appliqued, and hand quilted.

 I just love all the mini quilts incorporated.

Look at those tiny pom poms!  This quilt is just adorable.

Well, have any of the quilts above inspired you?  I think I am looking at my small scrap strips a little differently.  Perhaps 1 1/2 inch four patches are in their future??



  1. Oh Jen, these are fab, I especially like the quilt show! Thanks for showing them I do look forward to Sundays!!!!

  2. Thank you Jen, for showing these quilts. You can get 1/4" hexis, just in case you want to go smaller.

  3. These pictures are great, thank you for sharing. Zuzan mentioned 1/4" hexis, that sounds like a nightmare to me. Absolutely amazing what quilters can do with tiny pieces of fabrics. Thanks again for posting these.

  4. These are incredible! I don't think I'll ever have enough skill or patience to make one of these but I have endless admiration for anyone who does!


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