Saturday, June 9, 2012

Butterfly garden - a no sew post

In random other news for this week, I got to see a butterfly being born this week.  Some kind soul gave one of my daughters this butterfly condo last fall.

With cooler weather coming, I decided to wait until a few weeks ago to send off for our butterfly eggs.  The kids really enjoyed seeing the caterpillars grow (quite quickly!).  This week the butterflies emerged, Painted Ladies!  I set them free yesterday.

Tookie happens to be a bug eater.  She was way too interested in these guys.  In fact, of our 5 caterpillars, only 4 made it out of their cocoons thanks to Tookie knocking over the condo a few times.  Poor little guy.

This was a great gift for little kids!  I highly recommend for a fun summer project.  Check out:

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  1. We got this for our daughter too... we're hoping to see our butterflies in another week or two. How funny.


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