Thursday, October 31, 2019

Has it really been over two years since I've blogged?

Wow!  Yes, yes it has.

What happened?  Well, I got majorly burnt out.  Two years ago, I was preparing to be the featured quilter in our local quilt show and I was quilting, quilting, quilting to have enough to showcase.  Some of the projects I finished were intense!  Like this Aviatrix quilt:

Aviatrix quilting, nearly done

I burned the midnight oil, the candles at both ends, burned rubber, etc., and completely burned myself out.  I could barely look at my studio and sewing machine afterward.  Taking a break turned into a year-long hiatus before I made a few feeble attempts at getting back into things.  At that point, I took a couple of classes to try to jump-start my inspiration and motivation, but only managed to finish one of the projects from one of the classes and almost completed another.

Painted Quilt - food still life

Then I thought, "Hey!  Maybe making a quilt for someone else will get back my mojo."  So, I took on this quilt:


I enjoyed making it, but I still didn't feel like I wanted to quilt regularly again - until now.

What fabulous project has woken me from my motivational hibernation, you ask?  Would you believe it is a One Block Wonder?  Yep, I'm going back to one of the first quilt design techniques I tried as a newish quilter.  My quilt guild formed a One Block Wonder group last month and I couldn't resist.  I went out and bought enough fabric to make 4 quilts and I've already cut up my first one!

By the way, can you imagine not even buying fabric for 2 years?  My husband probably thought he got an unexpected raise from all the extra money in our accounts.

This time around, I'm experimenting with using a panel for my OBW.  I got some fabulous tips and inspiration from Jackie O'Brien's website If These Threads Could Talk - gallery   OH My!  If you have time, please do check out her gallery.  She is an instructor of the technique and is very generous with her tips, some of which I wish I read before I started cutting my first panel.

Here is a pic of my initial progress.  I am so excited to see how it turns out! 

OBW in process

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  1. Welcome back Jen. I too have not blogged but still have my reading list that I follow and you are still on it. Love your Aviatrix quilt and sorry it burnt you out. I too have started a One Block Wonder quilt-OMG aren't they so much fun. Mine is up on the design wall. Did you know there is a one Block WonderFacebook Group?

  2. good too see you back and again I have not blogged for over 2 years but stull look to see wHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING. fPRTUNATELY THOUGH NOT BLOGGING i AM STILL QUILTING

    good to see you back and being productive. Like you it is over 2 years since I blogged though do still read other peoples blogs and I am still quilting

  3. Well, now, you’re returning to quilt blogland with a Big Bang! And it’s nice to see you! Welcome back. Your Aviatrix quilt is incredible! I’d sure like to see a picture of the whole quilt, just saying. I’m quite smitten with your aqua/teal improv quilt. Again, a full size photo would be so inspirational to view. And that panel quilt.....OMG! I sincerely hope this isn’t a tease post with no follow up because I’d truly love to watch it’s progress and to see it grow. It’s amazing! Thanks for the link to Jackie’s site!

  4. Hi Jen, so glad to see that you are sewing and quilting again. My rainbow NYB and circle of flying geese is still on my bedroom door, it makes my heart sing every time I look at it. I love the way you are mixing the one block wonder with the panel. The other quilts are both stunning - looks like your mojo is back - remember it’s supposed to be fun, so enjoy!!!! (Hope the girls are all well)


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