Friday, March 3, 2017

100 Day Challenge - 60 Day Check In

Welcome back to the 100 Day Challenge!  I can't believe we are already at the 60 day mark.  As usual, time has just flown by.

My 3 things:

1) Update the blog - I haven't done anything on this.  If I am sitting at my computer, I'm not sewing. But, I have a plan!  I'm going to start reviewing my classes each night before going to bed.  I usually read during this time, but I will have to put the books aside for a while.
2) Aviatrix Medallion Quilt - I've gotten out the fabric and pattern, but need to make the templates and start cutting (which still hasn't happened).
3) Finish Batik Tile Quilt - This is the one goal I had made progress on at the last check in; however, I haven't progressed since then.  I loaded it on my longarm, and chose the thread, but then had a bunch of tension issues.  I think it is the thread.  I've chosen an alternative, but just haven't gotten started yet.

Batik tile - flimsy complete

So, basically I haven't done anything in the last 30 days, and it got me to thinking.  This challenge is all about shortening the time frame for your goals to help keep you motivated.  But what if that deadline isn't doing anything for your flagging motivation?  I've perused some things on the interwebs and have come up with some advice for you, and me.

How to Stay Motivated on your Goals for the 100 Day Challenge (or what is left of it):

1) Break up your goal into small, manageable pieces and write them down - for me, I need to choose really small tasks.  Tasks that would take 30 minutes or less, even if it takes splitting a task into multiple parts, even if you just set a timer and work for 10 minutes at a time.  For example, I need to start cutting my fabric for the Aviatrix Medallion quilt, but there is a lot of FQ's to sort and cut.  So, I'm going to break it up the task of cutting into very small tasks - like cut 2 colors at a time.  If there are 30 colors, it will take me 15 tasks to complete the cutting, but I will get to cross 2 colors off my list each day.  Which leads me to #2....

2) Cross items off your to-do list.  I can't tell you how satisfying this is.  Sometimes I even write tasks down that I have already done for the day, just so I can then cross them off.  It gives you a sense of accomplishment even when your day hasn't gone according to your original plan.

3) Make a game out of it, and REWARD yourself - Can you cross one item off your list for 5 days in a row?  Or maybe cross everything off your list that has a specific word in it, like "organize" or "press" or "blue".  Whatever you pick that day.  Reward yourself.  Have a piece of chocolate if you cross 2 things off your list for the day.  Buy that FQ bundle you've been eyeing at the quilt shop if you complete all your cutting on a project.  Finished a project completely?  Reward yourself with a break from quilting all together and read a book for the rest of the evening.  Whatever you decide!

4) Learn something new - Maybe what you need to kick yourself into gear is a new skill.  I often find that when I am excited about learning a new skill, I can't wait to try it out on an existing project.  Whether it be a new quilting design or technique, or even just a more efficient way of cutting.  Take a Craftsy class, watch some YouTube, or search Pinterest for a technique you are interested in, and try it out on one of your goals for the challenge.

5) Variety is the spice of life - While I would like to be the type of person that only focuses on one project and finishes it before moving on to the next.  I'm just not that person.  I get bored.  I get tired of looking at the same fabrics for too long.  So, if you are like that - mix it up!  You've got your list.  Choose tasks from different projects each day.  Or at the very least, different types of task.  Cut one project one day, quilt a different project the next, organize a 3rd project before piecing the first.  Keep your brain wondering what is next, but still reward it for crossing things off your list.  You will be amazed how quickly all your tasks get done!

6) Remind yourself of the Big Picture - all of the above suggestions have you focusing on small things and you need to do that to keep going, but every so often remind yourself of your end goal.  Are you making a quilt for a special someone?  Imagine the look on his/her face when they receive it.  Are you making a project for yourself?  Imagine snuggling up under your quilt while watching your favorite show, or see that cross-stitch project hanging on the wall in your hallway.  Visualize! and then get back to the small stuff.

7) Reassess - If the above all sounds dandy, but you are still struggling to engage, reassess your goals.  You still have 40+ days to complete your challenge.  Do you need to switch out one of your goals for something different?  It is OK.  Tell yourself it is OK too.  The purpose of this challenge is to get stuff done.  If one of your goals is just not going to happen, but you need to make something else.  Change it.  No one is going to judge you, it's your list after all!

Do you have any other suggestions for everyone??

I'm off to make my ridiculously long, detailed list of tiny tasks.  What will you do?  What have you done?  Link up your progress below, and don't be afraid to share both your triumphs and your let downs.  Also, please visit others in the link up and cheer them on.  It is crunch time and we all like to hear friendly encouragement.

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  1. Glad to know that I am not the only one to add things I have already done to the list just for the pleasure of ticking them off Jen :) When my motivation is flagging I find that concentrating on one easily achievable item on my list and completing it helps to generate enthusiasm for the bigger more daunting projects. Having said that I do have one of my 100 Day Challenge projects that has seen no progress whatsoever, hope that will change in the next 40 days!

  2. That's a really good list Jen! I would add that we all need to remember it's a hobby - it's meant to be fun! If you aren't loving the current project put it away to "mature" (or even have time out) and do something else! (And so please to hear I'm not the only one who adds completed tasks to a list just to be able to cross them off!!!). Hope you and the girls (and himself) are all well! I look at my wall hanging every day and it fills me with delight (it's on my sewing room door directly opposite the stairs from my bedroom!) I know I 100% got the better part of that swap if there is ever anything I can do for you please let me know!!!!

  3. Ah ah I have completely lost focus as well in February... glad I am not the only one. Really hoping to switch balance in the next 40 days! Good luck to you too

  4. I actually finished all three challenges already, but in the process kinda burned my self out. I think it was all the machine quilting. All three projects were the same.
    So I am taking a break from quilting.
    Jen, I have similar lists.
    Breaking things down really helps.
    Marking off helps ( I have been known to tear a list in half to say I finished my list).
    Setting a timer helps. During my recent quilting jag, in order to not sit more than an hour, I set my phone for 1 hour, then again for 15 minutes of cleaning, picking fabrics, organizing, etc.
    this was a great pist👍🏻

  5. I totally missed the 60 day update so I've just posted 10 days later !! I've made progress on two of my projects but the other two that have a deadline of 14 April have yet to be started - I know what I'll be doing for the next 30 days !! Hope your next 30 days is productive too :)


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