Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In a galaxy beyond the negative space - Building Blocks Tuesday

Still no new blocks to share this week.  Now that I have the Lucky Star quilt loaded up on the frame, I'm plugging along with the quilting, usually half a block at a time.  I've got the first 3 of 12 finished, and will probably start on the 2nd row of blocks tomorrow.  I tweaked my lower back at the gym yesterday and don't want to aggravate it today by reaching over the frame.

While I love quilting in the negative space, I often get hung up on what to quilt over the actual blocks in the quilt.  Many of the quilts I've done in the past have little to no quilting over the actual blocks.  Oh sure, it was a "design choice" I made to leave them unquilted.  In reality, I just couldn't come up with a design I thought looked good....this is probably why I still haven't quilted my Swoon quilt.

I love this little trick I picked up in a class I took with Krista Withers at Quiltcon in Pasadenda.  If you have a chance to take her class, please do.  Not only is she a good instructor, she is a delightful person to be around too.  She had us make these nifty trial drawing overlays from a sheet of plastic.  I just use a dry erase marker to draw right on top of the block and see where my creativity takes me.  If I don't like what I see, I can just erase it and start over.  I love it!  I can even keep the overlay nearby to reference if I need to.

I must admit, I still go through several drafts of my block designs.  Some are easier to come up with ideas for than others. But it is still better than stitching them out, not liking what I see and then having to rip out the stitches.

Lucky Star in progress

What blocks have you been working on this week?  I would love to see.  Link up your fabulous blocks.  You put a lot of hard work into them - show them off!  This free linky will stay open until the first Monday of next month, but I will repost it every Tuesday until a new month starts.

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1) Please link up only to the page on your blog showing your wonderful blocks, not just the blog homepage.  Flickr and Instagram pictures are also OK.
2) Make sure to put your blog name as the description so people know where they are going or the name of your block!
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  1. your quilting is looking fabulous - love those diamonds too !! You are so lucky to have taken a class with Krista - especially as she's hung up her teaching hat and sold her machine !!

  2. your quilting looks so good I find it the ahardest part of making a quilt hence so many flimsies in my house!

  3. Your quilting is always fabulous Jen, so those design decisions are really working! The overlay is a brilliant idea too.


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