Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Boxing Day and a sale

Hi everyone!  If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a lovely one.

Personally, I am barely recovered.  At some point on Christmas Eve, I determined that there was no way that everything was going to get done, and I just let it go.  I had to for my sanity.

Oh Christmas Tree

It turned out to be a good choice.   Lizzy didn't mind that I had 40 more inches of binding to go to finish her quilt.

binding Lizzy's quilt

I was able to finish it up last night after we got home from the in-laws, and she was able to sleep under it for Christmas.

Other things did not get finished.  I am still quilting Deb's mini.  Of course, I chose to quilt the crap out of it instead of something easy.  I am nearly finished, thank goodness!

Before I go, I wanted to let you know about two things going on today. First, on Twitter, there is a Boxing Day Sew In.  I'm not sure who the official hostess is, but it is fun to tweet a few pics or sentences about what you are working on, and add the hashtag #BDSI, then check out what the other twilters are doing today.

Secondly, there is still a huge sale going on at Craftsy.***  Today is the last day for great deals on classes, but it is also the first day that the supplies are on sale for a week.  The supplies turn out to be a great deal when they are on sale!  I always buy a few yards of Kona Cotton Solids.  I don't know if you have noticed, but the online prices for Kona have gone up by nearly a dollar a yard.  The sale price at Craftsy is pretty decent.  I've also picked up a few quilt kits in the past that were practically a steal!

I admit that I have been very lackadaisical about reporting all the sales this year, as I took a bit of a break from Craftsy myself.  But last week, I logged on to find a whole bunch of new interesting classes.  The one I purchased was the follow up to the first Jacquie Gering's class.  The new one is called "Next Steps With Your Walking Foot".  I am already excited to try out some of the new walking foot quilting patterns she demonstrates in her class!  There is also a Quilt as You Go class taught by Marti Michell that looks worth checking out.  There are also a handful of new free motion quilting classes that I may peruse today before the sale ends.

So, if you didn't quite get enough quilting things this holiday, perhaps you should treat yourself?  Or, if you are looking to improve your skills for the New Year, maybe a new class is the way to go!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to get back to blogging!  I know many people have switched over to Instagram entirely, but I still like reading posts with more than one sentence.  Is it just me?

As always, thanks for reading!


***This post contains affiliate links.  If you PURCHASE something after clicking one of my links, I may be compensated.  However, my recommendations and opinions are my own, and I give those freely without compensation.



  1. I rarely comment on blogs, but felt I had to chime in to say that while Instagram is great to look through for snapshots of someone's day, I love reading blogs for the conversation and dialogue that the blogger offers, the explanation of how and why and who, etc. I do hope blogs don't disappear, they would leave a hole that Instagram just can't fill. Thanks!

  2. I lamented the demise of blogging back in May. It seems now, even more, that blogging, and reading and commenting on them is being overtaken by IG. I, too, like the 'richness' of blogs and the depth of relationships which develop through them. So I keep blogging with the hope there are people out there who appreciate it!

  3. I don't Instagram. So I'm sure I am missing a whole world out there. I do read blogs and love them. I have often thought of starting one myself. Maybe that should be my new year resolution.

  4. These are perfection – life with a little one, hanging out at home – you’ve captured it so, so perfectly!


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