Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back in the saddle again - Building Blocks Tuesday

Blocks!  Well, block, to share.  I am happy to report that I am unpacked enough to find the elusive power cord for my machine and get a few minutes of sewing in here and there.   I spent one late night trying to make this Bunting Block for Jenni in my Bee Hive group.


It might have been a little TOO late.  I got as far as sewing the rows together and noticed there was something off.

Bunting block with wrong pinwheel

Yep, that blasted pinwheel was spinning the wrong way!  And of course, the way I had put it together meant that the whole thing had to be unpicked.  But, as you can see from the top pic, I managed to get it right in the morning.

I liked this block so much that I choose it for the blocks I will be receiving from my We Bee With It bee members.  I asked for white blocks with pink buntings, just like the tutorial HERE.  I think it will make a darling quilt for Olivia who adores pink everything.

The house is coming along.  I am still not completely unpacked and it has been a couple of weeks since we moved in.  The kids are wanting constant entertainment, so I've only been doing a couple of boxes a day.  We are also installing those organized closets in their rooms, so many of their boxes are waiting for that to happen before I even open a box to unpack.

Aside from the closets, there is quite a lot of work to be done around here.  We bought an older home that had had some of its maintenance deferred.   So it feel like every other day I have one contractor or another coming to either fix something or give me a quote to fix things.  On Friday last, I had six different contractors at the house for various things.  On the agenda for this week: a new water heater and bids for some flooring that needs to be replaced.  Nonstop fun around here!

We are enjoying being "in the country".  While I do miss the ocean air and view, I do not miss having ten other families within a stones throw of our door.  Nor do I miss the sound of sirens at all hours since we lived within a block of a major street leading to the hospital.  It is not exactly quiet here.  Our neighbors below us on the hill have various animals, so we hear the rooster crow in the morning, the sheep bleating a little later, and the occasional turkey gobble!  Luckily, they are just far enough away to be a welcoming sound of morning and not a jarring alarm clock.  We also have a bunny problem.  There is rarely an evening I don't drive in where there are at least five bunnies on our lawn nibbling away.  As, I have big plans for a year round vegetable garden, I have mixed feeling about seeing their little cotton tails.

I'm sure I will be sharing more about our adventures in weeks to come.  Meanwhile, what blocks have you working on this week?  I would love to see.  Link up your fabulous blocks.  You put a lot of hard work into them - show them off!  This free linky will stay open until the first Monday of next month, but I will repost it every Tuesday until a new month starts.

Quilter in the Closet


1) Please link up only to the page in your blog showing your wonderful blocks, not just the blog homepage.  Flickr and Instagram pictures are also OK.
2) Make sure to put your blog name as the description so people know where they are going or the name of your block!
3) Please grab my button and post it in your blog post or sidebar.
4) Visit other linky participants!

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  1. My link this week is a block-to-be! I'm excited to participate in my first charm swap - and am excited of the thousands of possibilities of what it could become. Good luck with your unpacking - moving is a lot of work!

  2. the block is looking good and will make a lovely quilt.
    I am a little envious your country house sounds idyllic, I was brought up in the countryside but now live in a city give me the country every day but fear I am here and here I will have to stay.
    Best of luck getting your new home as you want it and all the jobs done then you can relax and enjoy all the sounds the farm below brings!

  3. Glad to have you back Jen! Love your bunting block

  4. The new house sounds great - a bit of space for the kids outside as well as inside! I look forward I seeing photos! The bunting block is really pretty!


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