Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Guest Host #2 - Building Blocks Tuesday

Hi there everyone!  I hope this post finds everyone well and happy.  I am currently buried in boxes, so the lovely Myra of Busy Hands Quilts has agreed to guest host for the next TWO Tuesdays!  Hooray!  So please head on over there to see what her busy hands have created.

Just as a side note: if you have been on the fence about linking up in the past, now is an excellent time to try it out.  The linky is open for a longer period than usual, and bouncing around from guest host to guest host is bound to get you a few new people looking at your amazing blocks!

Thanks for stopping by,



  1. Hope the packing is going well! Have the girls broken up from school yet? We've got another five weeks of school!!

  2. Don't envy you being up to your eyes and ears in boxes, hope you are all back in fine order soon :)


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