Sunday, February 15, 2015

Inspirational Sunday (2) via the Quilts exhibit at Muzeo 2015

I have more lovely photos from Muzeo in Anaheim, CA.  Today is the last day of the exhibit if you want to see them yourself in person!

Today's quilts are all applique.  I have really enjoyed looking at applique quilts lately.  The amount of work that goes into them is staggering, and should be appreciated.

Dancing Daffodils, Maker Unknown, circa 1931

This one is called Dancing Daffodils, maker unknown c. 1931.  I just love daffodils, and I really like this design.  The pattern is a Mountain Mist pattern #24.

Dancing Daffodils, close up

I love the luxurious fabrics used.  I also love the little details, like the spiderwebs quilted in the centers.

Dancing Daffodils, close up

And take a look at this hand quilting, it's amazing.  It is hard to see in this picture, but it looks like the quilter actually changed colors of thread for each border.  Talk about attention to detail!

Poppy, maker unknown c. 1913

This one is called Poppy, maker unknown c. 1913.  I apologize about the light.  The one drawback of viewing quilts in a museum is that the lighting isn't fabulous.

Poppy, maker unknown c. 1913

I just love the ghost shapes that the maker quilted into the background.

State Flowers by Eda R. Sharpe, c. 1932

This one is just gorgeous!  It is called State Flower by Eda R. Sharpe c. 1932.  The quilting is amazing!

State Flowers, by Eda R. Sharpe, c. 1932, close up

I was delighted to learn that these patterns were published as a series from Ruby Short McKim in Eda's local newspaper at a rate of one per week.  At the end of the series, there was a contest and exhibition of the finished quilts.  What fun!

I hope you'll join me again next Sunday when I share some more quilts from the exhibit.

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  1. Those quilts are incredible! The applique is amazing and I don't know how anyone can hand quilt so neatly!

  2. Holy WOW! These quilts are amazing!! The quilting is jaw dropping! I'm with Janine, I struggle to hand sew bindings (only on a very rare occasion!!), labels and hanging sleeves! Thankfully the stitching is covered up in those situations :)


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