Monday, March 3, 2014

the Monkey is off my back - Fresh Sewing Day

Welcome to my Fresh Sewing Day recap of February.

It might not seem like much but I am so happy to have some of these blocks finished.

February 2014 finishes

1. CA poppies for Veena, 2. Cups of Comfort Blocks, 3. EKG Valentine Mug Rug, 4. Houses of San Francisco, 5. scrapitute block for Frances, 6. guitar block with skinny border, 7. finished shams, 8. more NY beauty blocks9. Not available

The 3 Star of Africa bee blocks that I finished this month were a bit of a monkey on my back.  I despise being late with any bees or swaps, and these last 3 blocks were from the summer!  Once I got behind on designing, I got really behind.  Luckily, most of the ladies in the bee completely understood the difficulty in coming up with a design that fit you and the theme for the month, and then executing the design.  I am so relieved to have them done.  Whew!

Those blocks weren't the only thing I was overdue on.  Those pillows were meant to be delivered in January, and as you know, I just finished them up last week!

Hopefully March will see more exciting finishes than just blocks.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. What a lovely collection of projects Jen! I have one block left to make for the Star of Africa Bee and really hope to get down to it this month, I hate being late too!

  2. A great collection of finishes, well done!


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