Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Got orphans? - give them up and feel great about it

Hey there!  I know many of you are deep in the throws of Christmas preparation, but if anyone out there is reading today and perhaps is thinking about purging as part of your New Year's - here is an opportunity to purge AND do some good.

Colby at Sew, Quilt, Explore turned me on to the "Save the Orphan Blocks" drive at Quilty Box.  To be honest, I don't know anything about Quilty Box, except for this drive.  They are planning on turning all these orphan blocks into "Quilts for Kids" items.

As you read last, I am all about giving up the guilt in 2014.  I got to thinking about a whole pile of blocks that I've either received or made myself that I could give to this drive and feel great about it, instead of guilty that I wasn't getting around to making something with them myself.  So I've joined the Flickr Group, emailed Quilty box for the address to send my blocks too, and I already feel great!

If you have some Orphan Blocks you would like to contribute, here's what you need to know (copied directly from the Quilty Box website):

Save the Orphan Blocks Campaign


What is this, you ask? Well, I know sometimes it is hard to make the time for a charity quilt - babies are being born, a holiday is coming, your just redecorated your bedroom, your kids are sick, work is busy. It happens. I KNOW! I live it - Everyday.
But, EVERYONE has Orphan Blocks. Maybe they are the misfit from the last quilt you made (your points don't need to be perfect on a charity quilt - let's be real). Maybe you started that quilt along, and you only had your first block done by the time everyone else was quilted. You started a quilt and realize you hated it. Doesn't matter. What DOES MATTER, is that those orphan blocks have a home waiting for them in a scrappy quilt for a child in need.
SO - dig around your studio and send us your blocks. They can be anything as long as they meet these criteria:
1. Fabric Appropriate for Children (no half-naked firemen - you know what I'm talking about).
2. Machine Pieced.
3. Cotton.
4. Good 1/4" or larger seams.
We are going to gather together these blocks, sort them and make child size quilts with them which will be donated to Quilts for Kids. Block size does not matter - it can be a teensy weensy Baby Jane or a colossal Swoon.
If you are interested in being an Angel (sewing together these orphan blocks or quilting tops) then please let us know - info@quiltybox.com.
We are also accepting backing, so if you have a few yards of a fabric you don't see yourself using anytime soon, send it along. 
Please post the blocks you are sending in on our Flickr Group - Quilty Box, and tag it in social media as #savetheorphanblocks

Sounds awesome right?  Blocks of any size are accepted!  Any color, just kid friendly fabric required!  Blocks from a Quilt Along you started, but didn't finish - perfect!  I love it!  

And if you are wondering more about the charity Quilts for Kids, visit their website here, to be even further inspired.

Now, go look around your sewing space, I bet you have a few blocks you could send.

Thanks for reading today, and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate,



  1. What a great idea! I'm a fairly new quilter so I don't have tons of blocks but I know I have some and would love to know they can serve a purpose and not just sit in my stash!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Well found Jen, thanks got letting us know. I have a drawer labeled. " no idea where these are going " but now I think I do know!!!!!

  3. Great idea Jen, clearing out the lonely blocks and helping a good cause at the same time, sounds like a winner to me!

  4. thanks for sharing this. I love this idea and have some blocks I'll be sending as well!


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