Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Binding Tool - Trial and Error Tuesday

Product Review time!

Frustrated when trying to finish off attaching your binding?  You might like the "Binding Tool" from TQM Products.  I got mine at Missouri Quilt Co.  As of today, it is under $8 (plus shipping).  A deal!

I was constantly frustrated when attaching my binding to my quilts.  For some reason, I just couldn't get it through my head how to do it.  I had at least 6 different versions of instructions telling me how to, but I kept struggling.  I either ended up with my tails too long and an enormous amount of binding for that last 10 inches  of quilt or sometimes only 8 inches of binding for the last 10 inches of quilt!  The most difficult part for me was figuring out which way to twist the binding open to attach it to the other side.  So even when I had the length right, I ended up with multiple twists which were unacceptable.  Enter the binding tool.

It was actually featured in one of my magazines over the holidays as an excellent stocking stuffer.  And since I am in charge of stuffing stockings around here, I bought myself one!

Now there are several videos out there for how to use this tool.  I just felt like doing my own pictures for fun!

First, attach your binding as usual, EXCEPT leave a 12 inch opening.  I like to put pins in these places, so I know where I need to start and stop.  You will also need to start with approximately 10 inch tails.  Go ahead, attach that binding all the way around your quilt.

When you make it all the way around to your 12 inch opening.  Nestle the binding tool, letter side up, against that last pin, and mark along the line (I used red pen below).

Now, move your binding over to the cutting mat.  Line up that mark under the "Mark here" line.

Then trim with your rotary cutter.  You will notice that it makes a little notch mark at the bottom.  Those notches save my sanity!

Next, rotate the tool around to your other side of the 12 inch opening and nestle the tool against that pin.  Your letters on the tool are still facing up!

Mark a line along the "Mark Here" line.

This is the only tricky part!  THIS time line up your line with the end of the tool. (Your line will end up where the notch is going to be).

Then trim with your rotary cutter.

Now align the two pieces of binding.  You will have a notch on both sides to help you!

Pin if you need to, and sew the two pieces of binding together.

You will end up with perfectly measured binding to continue to attach to your quilt, AND no twists!!!

As I mentioned above, the instructions have you do a 12 inch opening.  That doesn't give you a whole lot of room if you are making something small - like a placemat, or a mug rug.  I have gotten by with less, and will tell you how next Tuesday!  (Read, I didn't take pictures of this, so now I will have to do make something in order to show you how!)

Am I the only one out there that ended up with those twists in their binding??  

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