Sunday, March 30, 2014

Inspirational Sunday (26) - via the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

I know while many of you appreciate art quilts in general, you prefer more traditional quilting methods.  So, this week's quilts are more traditional in nature.  Enjoy!

This first one is called, "Milady" by Sheri Hohman of Indianapolis, Indiana.  It is paper pieced and the design source is Lady of the Lake blocks.

"Milady" by Sheri Hohman of Indianapolis, Indiana

Her quilters statement, "My 'Want to Do' quilt folder had a picture of this quilt layout for Lady of the Lake blocks, which I believe came from one of McCall's quilt magazines.  I loved it, but had no real expectations of completing such a quilt project.  Then, in 2009, Edyta Sitar sponsored a half-square triangle exchange at The Back Door quilt store, in Greenwood, Indiana.  It included a deadline in spring of 2010 to complete a project using those half-square triangles.  Having a deadline and meeting Edyta for a show-and-tell inspired me to set a goal and complete the quilt."

I think the way she finished the edges of the quilt is neat.

Here is another Lady of Lake quilt.  This one is called, "Summer at the Lake" by Rahna Summerlin of Port Orange, Florida.  It is machine pieced and machine quilted.

"Summer at the Lake" by Rahna Summerlin of Port Orange, FL

She says, "The quilt was inspired by a Lady of the Lake quilt in the Land's End collection by Maggie Potter.  I reinterpreted it using over 200 different reproduction 1930's style fabrics.  No two blocks are the same.  While piecing the quilt over the summer, the fabrics reminded me of vintage children's playclothes, hence the title."

Have you ever looked through a catalog and seen a quilt you would like to make?  There's a particularly attractive clamshell one in the Pottery Barn catalog I would mind trying!

The next one is called, "Sunburst" by Connie Watkins of Waco, Texas.  It is hand pieced and hand quilted!!  The design source is a picture of an antique quilt from the 1800's.

"Sunburst" by Connie Watkins of Waco, TX

She says, "I saw a picture of an antique quilt that is in the Folk Art Museum in New York and knew I wanted to try to make it.  I didn't have a pattern, just a small picture."

"Sunburst" by Connie Watkins, close up

Isn't this just amazing?  The hand quilting is really something too!

Have you ever tried to duplicate a quilt based on a small picture you took somewhere?

This last one is called, "Meadow Lily" by Joan Cooper of Hemet, California, and quilted by Beth Lura.  It is pieced.  The design source is At Home with Thimbleberries Quilts by Lynette Jensen, Meadow Lily pattern.

Meadow Lily by Joan Cooper, quilted by Beth Lura of Hemet, CA

"This quilt was my first effort at quilting.  With the help of my daughter and husband, I purchased the material I'd need from the local hardware store, which also had a really nice fabric department.  My guild friends encouraged me to put this quilt in the Iowa State Fair that summer.  It won a blue ribbon for "My First Quilt".  I was both surprised and elated.  That was the summer of 2002.  I gave the quilt to my daughter who lives in Houston where she has displayed it in her home."

I think I initially snapped a picture of this quilt because the block reminded me of a similar block in the How Far Will You Go? QAL I participated in at The Elven Garden.   But really inspirational is the quilter's statement, there are so many interesting aspects!  It was her first quilt!   It is gorgeous, and here it hangs in an international quilt festival!  Also, I think I may need to go see that hardware store.  You know hardware stores are getting almost as rare as quilt shops.  I wonder if they combined if they would have better luck against the big box stores.  It sounds like the perfect date night destination for me.  Just sayin'!

Do you still have your first quilt?

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  1. I have my first quilt - it's got very roughly 8" squares, and hardly any matching points! I initially backed it with an old sheet, but added fleece some years later, - and I cut a slit in the middle so I could put my head through, and I used it for years as a camp blanket when I took the girls camping - now luckily they are big enough to go without me !!!!

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