Monday, September 30, 2013

September progress report and October goal setting

I have felt behind this month since it started.  But looking at my list, it looks like I got most of what I hoped to finish completed.  October is already proving to be a difficult month.  It seems like every email and phone call I receive is adding one more thing to the calendar.  I guess I will really have to focus on my tasks instead of just working on what I want to like the free spirit I was in early September.

September UFO's:
  • Summerville DP blocks - My Lazy Bum secret partner chose this as my project for September's UFO challenge.  I am happy to report that they went from these plain Drunkard's Path blocksSummersville DP to 2 table toppers and a potholder.  I literally finished them up this morning, the last day of the month!
  • Summerville DP table topper 2
  • Swoon - I wanted to get 6 more blocks done. Well I fell a little short, I only got 4 done.
September NewFO's
  • Commission quilt - I've took on a commission quilt for a friend and hoped to get the top completed and I did! I now need to piece the backing and get it basted and quilted. commission quilt WIP 
  • 60 degree ruler mini quilt - I finished my candy corn table runner.  The tutorial is HERE.
  • Candy corn table runner closer

Now for October

October UFO's:

  • Handstitched Medallion - My Lazy Bums group has decided that this month's challenge item should be blue or aqua.  I have several quilts on my UFO list that would fall into this category, but I decided to take a little liberty and choose the one I most want done before Christmas, my Handstitched Medallion quilt.  It has a little blue and some aqua, and I hope that the group won't consider me a cheat for choosing it.  Honestly, it has a lot of work left to be done, and other than attaching the binding, all of it is handwork and time consuming.
  • Medallion Quilt top
  • Swoon -since I didn't finish up the blocks in September, I hope to finish them up and get to the flimsy stage this month.
  • Commission quilt - get it backed and at least basted.

October NewFO's
  • Wicked Blog Hop - I seriously have a problem signing up for things.  I actually tend to binge-commit.  I say no to half a dozen things, then all of sudden I feel like I must reward myself by saying Yes to something and I may continue and go a little crazy. (I buy fabric the same way.) I signed up for the Wicked Blog Hop at the end of the month, so I will be creating something with a Halloween theme to it.
  • Pattern testing quilt for a dear friend
  • Sewing mat for another dear friend
  • One Block Wonder QAL quilt - I almost forgot to add this one!  I can't host a QAL without making one myself, right?

Wow, that's a lot!  Wish me luck this month, looks like I will need it.

Thanks for reading today as I list myself into a frenzy,


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  1. You have been busy! Love your drunkard's path. Your hand -stitched piece is amazing! It will be beautiful finished. Good luck!

  2. Now you've got me wanting to dig my Summersville project out! I love that fabric so much! :D

  3. Your Drunkard's path projects look great! I just started a DP myself, any advice?

  4. I didn't realize that the fabric I picked for my One Block Wonder, was the main feature of your Medallion quilt, that is funny, but I will say that your Medallion quilt sure is beautiful!

  5. please don't think of my mat as a must-do chore, let it sit as a sometime plan until you get an urge to make it xxxxx

  6. What great fabrics in the Drunkard's Path block! Your commissioned quilt is really cute. You sure do have a lot of great projects going on!!

  7. The Drunkard's path is amazing! And I can't wait to see the progress on the hand stitching on the blue/aqua. Beautiful top!

  8. Your Handstitched Medallion is breathtaking! Wow. And I am just like you on the no... no... no... YES!!! routine!

  9. oooooo!!!! Your Medallion quilt is beautiful. I think it fits just fine for blue or aqua focus. You got a lot done this month, lady! 4 Swoon blocks is no small task in themselves. The potholder looks terrific.

  10. By any standards you had a great month. Looks like you will be pretty busy in October too :)

  11. Busy lady. I love that commission quilt. Very nice. And your table runner is adorable. I'm starting a candy corn runner this month too.


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