Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Fresh Sewing Day

I must still be on vacation time.  I didn't fully realize it was already the 6th of the month until late this morning!
Lily's Quilts

Here is a brief recap of my September projects:

1. birthday mug rug, 2. Peak Hour Quilt, 3. Sample Solids block, 4. for May, 5. place mat for Gram.2, 6. place mat for Gram.1, 7. September FMQ Challenge, 8. Vintage Holiday blocks, 9. Beginner QAL - Block 13

I realize the pictures of Gram's place mats are before they were quilted and bound, but I did finish and deliver them.  Gram seemed to really like them too!  I am happy to report that my cousin enjoyed his Peak Hour quilt too!  He quickly tossed it up over his head and giggled.  His mommy then packed it away.  I do hope they will USE the quilt when they get back to Australia.

Now, onto October!  As you know, I have several projects in the works, so provided all the kids stay healthy and with a little luck, I hope to have a fabulous mosaic for October.

Linking up with Lily's Quilts and her fabulous Fresh Sewing Day


P.S. Tomorrow's Inspirational Sunday post might be a little late.  We are taking a day trip, and I haven't quite finished writing it up yet.  I do hope you check back though, as I am planning to review Elizabeth Hartman's, Practical Guide to Patchwork, a favorite among most of the quilters I know.


  1. Beautiful projects, Jen - fantastic quilting on the birthday mug rug and september FMQ challenge.

    look forward to seeing more lovely projects for October.

  2. love all your finishes - that fmq looks fabulous - and of course love your block for may :)


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