Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winner and a new free class for you too

Wendy Ramos?  Calling Wendy Ramos......I sent you an email recently congratulating you on winning my New Year's Giveaway, and I need you to respond in order to claim your prize.

OK, now that is done, I wanted to remind everyone else about the FREE 2014 Craftsy BOM.  Did I mention that it is FREE??

FREE Block of the Month class at

I have learned a bunch of new skills in the 2012 and 2013 Craftsy BOM's (you can still access these by the way).  I am serious, those BOM's are chock full of good stuff, even if you don't make a single block.   And, I'm sure the 2014 BOM will teach me something new as well.  It looks like color will be a main focus, goody goody!

So go check it out.  And Wendy, please drop me a line soon.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Congratulations Wendy.

    As I have not yet finished the 2012 BOM quilt I ought to get that done before I check out the 2014 BOM, but I agree that these classes are great skill builders so will definitely be signing up and hopefully soon!

  2. congrats to Wendy, now I'm off to follow the link!

  3. congrats to Wendy, now I'm off to follow the link!


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