Friday, January 3, 2014

4th Quarter progress report - 2013 FAL

Time for my 4th Quarter progress report for the 2013 Finish A Long.  I'm all about being a free spirit for 2014, but there is no reason not to wrap up my 2013 thinking, right?

Here was my list.

  • Finish my Handstitched Medallion Quilt - Done!  This is probably my most favorite finish from 2013.  I just love the colors, and I even enjoyed the hand quilting process.
  • Handstitched Medallion Front

  • Swoon - I wanted to finish the entire quilt by Christmas.  Well, I did finish up the blocks and I got them sashed, but then I put it aside to work on other things.

  • Swoon block 7

  • Commission Quilt - Done!

  • Commission quilt

  • Pattern testing quilt -Done!
  • Giant Chevron closer up

  • 2 more QAYG tote bags for gifts -Not started.  I went the more traditional route of buying gifts this year.  Oh well!

  • Front of Tinker Tote 2
    • T-shirt quilts for my girls - I really, really, really wanted to start and finish these for the girls.  But, it didn't happen, and I'm not feeling badly about it.  I want to use the bins soon for another project, so I am sure I'll be cutting up those T-shirts soon. 
    So, this post was really more about wrapping up my 2013.  Will I be participating in the 2014 Finish Along?  Nope!  It is very worthy of participation, but it doesn't fit in with my totally selfish "work on what I want, when I want" motto for 2014.  Who knows, I may not finish anything!

    Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a free Craftsy class HERE!!  The giveaway ends in a few short days.

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    1. Love the attitude Jen! You had some spectacular finishes in 2013, so I am really looking forward to seeing what your new attitude helps you achieve in 2014 :)

    2. I would have to agree with you... your Medallion quilt is breathtakingly gorgeous! Great job.

    3. Love your medallion quilt too, Jen. You are so right about the colours; they are spectacular. Seeing your quilted tote reminded me that I have that pattern but haven't used it yet. Looking forward to seeing what you make this year!......or don't make😃

    4. That medallion is simply stunning. The colours are so striking. And your piecing is perfect (darn you and your even seams!) and the quilted tote looks gorgeous, but a lot of work.

    5. Your medallion quilt is stunning! I am glad you were part of the FAL.


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