Friday, January 24, 2014

Random ramblings

It has been a crazy week!  My head is still spinning, and technically, the week isn't over yet.

I'm actually writing you today from 30,000 ft!  I left my sunny and 75 degree weather and am headed to the frigid Northeast.  It is about 9 degrees on the ground.  Luckily, it is not snowing again yet.  I might have a chance to get to my grandmother's place before it starts up again.  Either way, I am enjoying some peace and quiet for the next few days, and boy do I need it.

Monday was a holiday, so I packed up all 3 girls into the car and we headed down to Disneyland.  What was I thinking?  The park was only averagely busy, but we ran into friends and ended up staying much, much later than I anticipated. The girls had a blast, but the day completely exhausted me!

Wednesday was another exhausting day as I chaperoned 3 kindergarten classes on their field trip to the zoo.  The animals were running, jumping and climbing all over the place, but at least the zoo inhabitants were well behaved (har, har).  I actually got assigned a pretty good group of kids, the only one that didn't listen was my own daughter.  We went, we saw, we survived.

Yesterday was spent at art training for a project on Monet that I will teach to the kids in a couple of weeks.  It was fun.  I had a few hours to spare afterward and I considered driving out to Ontario, CA to see the Road to California quilt show.  After all, I love having pictures of quilts to share for Inspirational Sunday, but I just couldn't do it.  I hope you all will forgive me (because Road2CA is usually such a good show), but I chose to pack and prepare for my trip instead.

So far traveling has been an adventure.  I actually think I might be cursed.  Whenever I travel without my kids, something always goes wrong.  I suppose I should just be happy it doesn't happen when the kids ARE with me.  Today, we had only been in the air for about 40 minutes when they paged for a doctor.  We had to make an unscheduled stop in Oklahoma City due to a medical emergency.  The airline was really great about facilitating everything involved.  They were even nice enough to give us an update on the woman's condition once we were back underway.  I missed my connection to Hartford, but was quickly put on the next flight.  As I still need to find my luggage and get a rental car, I don't want to jinx myself, but I am crossing my fingers that the rest of the journey today goes well.

I am really looking forward to visiting my grandmother.  She is getting out of rehab soon - people in LA gave me rather funny looks when I said that, but there are other kinds of rehab besides substance abuse ones - she is in a physical therapy rehab center at the moment.  I can't wait to just SIT and visit with her.  I did bring my hexagons to baste, and I really can't think of anything better than just hanging out with her and basting away.

Hopefully my visit will also include a Friendly's Peanut Butter Sundae.  It was a tradition when I visited my grandparents as a child that we would go to Friendly's for enormous sundaes.  Granted, they might not taste as good when it is 9 degrees out as they did in the middle of summer, but I am determined to put on my sunglasses and pretend if necessary.

Does anyone else cling to certain childhood traditions like that when travelling to a specific area?

Thanks for reading my random ramblings today,



  1. Hope the rest of your travels went smoothly and that you have a lovely time with your grandmother. My husband always has an ice-cream from a little shop on the seafront when he goes back to Ireland.

  2. Have a great visit! Growing up we always stopped at one particular gas station for chips and pop while driving from our house to my grandparents. I drove past it last summer and felt like a traitor for not stopping!

  3. Have a great trip! I can think of quite a few foodie traditions, for me eith my grandparents, and the girls with theirs? A certain taste of apple juice takes me straight back to My grandfather's in Norway: he kept bottles for me in a cold cupboard from the age of about 3!!!


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