Sunday, January 5, 2014

Inspirational Sunday (15) - via the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

I've been working on a paper piecing project lately and it has inspired me to share a few paper pieced quilts from the show.

You can't really have a paper pieced segment without a Mariners Compass or a New York Beauty.....

This first quilt was a show stopper, and I'm not just saying that because these are my favorite colors.  I had to wait almost 20 minutes for the crowd to clear out enough to snap a few pictures of it.  It is called "Departure" by Kiyomi Takayanagi of Kitanagoya, Aichi, Japan.  It is hand and machine pieced, hand appliqued, hand embroidered, and hand quilted.  It won 1st place in the Traditional Pieced category.

"Departure" by Kiyomi Takayanagi of Aichi, Japan

It was an original design using Mariner's Compass; inspired by a Noriko Masui workshop.  The quilter says, "I made this quilt for my son.  He has a job and was about to marry when I completed this quilt.  I hope that they will be happy."

"Departure" by Kiyomi Takayanagi, close up of border

Check out some of that hand embroidery.

"Departure" by Kiyomi Takayanagi, close up

Just gorgeous!

This quilt is called "Sheila's Garden" by Tina Curran of Studio City, CA.  She machine pieced and quilted this New York Beauty pattern.  The outline of the spikes is inspired by the work of Karen K. Stone.

"Sheila's Garden" by Tina Curran of Studio City, CA

She says, "This quilt uses the time honored New York Beauty pattern, so called as the spires are reminiscent of the spires on the crown on the Statue of Liberty.  The background fabric in each block is green to suggest foliage.  All other fabrics in the quilt are florals, hence there are nearly 150 different floral fabrics used in this quilt.  That's quite a garden!"

"Sheila's Garden" by Tina Curran, close up

That is one way to use up all those floral fabrics you might have laying around!

Here is another quilt that I am assuming had some paper piecing as part of the construction method.  It is part of the Hoffman Challenge, and unfortunately they don't provide the same level of information in the description of the quilts in the challenge as the rest of the show.

"Spilling Over" by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer of Colorado Springs, CO

It is called  "Spilling Over" by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer of Colorado Springs, CO.  It won 1st place in the Mixed category.

I apologize for the following picture being a bit out of focus, but I wanted to include it anyway since you can see some of the tiny blocks she created in the center section pouring out of the cup.  You can spot the churn dash for sure, some flying geese, an economy block, etc.

"Spilling Over" by Sharon L. Scholotzhauer, close up

I hope you enjoyed this week's selection of quilts.  I have a few more paper pieced wonders to show you next week that are completely different styles from the quilts above.  I hope you will come back and check them out.

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