Thursday, October 31, 2013

Voting time - One Block Wonder Quilt Along

Hi everyone!  We have some great entries for the One Block Wonder Quilt Along!


I would like to ask your help in choosing a winner for one of the prizes.  Please vote for your favorite below!

Voting will stay open until Wednesday, November 6th at 11:55pm PST, then a winner will be announced on Thursday before the end of the day!

If you are interested in seeing some other works in progress or pictures of the original fabric, please visit the Flickr group.  Everyone did such a lovely job.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  I think we had some fun, yes?



  1. Wow, they all look beautiful! I had a hard time picking a favorite. :)

  2. Pretty! Thank you for this SAL. I'm glad I finally tried it.

  3. Really hard time choosing a favorite but finally did and voted!

  4. Wow there are some lovely entries there - I've just ordered the book and will put this quilt on my 2014 to do list :)

  5. I want to vote for them all, they are great !!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh that was SO HARD, they all are great and then you can only pick one, my goodness! Thanks for hosting such a great quilt along!

  7. Everyone did such a great job, it was really hard picking just one!

  8. All of them are awesome!! It's so much fun seeing the original fabrics and the results.

  9. What a fun project this was...and great to see the amazing quilts everyone made!

  10. Thanks for hosting the quilt along. I was not able to get my quilt top done in time. I did get started and appreciate your tips and tricks. I could not decide on just one that I liked the best so I did not vote. I will add my quilt top to the flicker group when I finish. I am excited to see how my material translates into a quilt. I love the blocks that are appearing before my eyes.


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