Sunday, October 6, 2013

Inspirational Sunday 8 - via the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

Last week's applique quilts were amazing.  This week, I've decided to show you some other quilts featuring wonderful handwork.

The first is called "Von Herzen: Baltimore in Berlin" by Karin Grabowski of Berlin Germany.

"Von Herzen: Baltimore in Berlin" by Karin Grabowski of Berlin Germany

It is machine pieced, hand quilted and embroidered, and beaded.  The design sources are Antique Quilts, a book by Elly Sienkiewicz, Jennifer Buechel's Heart block and a class in silk embroidery with beads.

"Von Herzen: Baltimore in Berlin" by Karen Grabowski, close up

Karen says, "Ever since I saw my first Baltimore Album quilt I knew I had to make one myself.  I decided to make a small quilt for my husband's 50th birthday.  The blocks in the middle feature local landmarks.  The border leads through a gardener's year.  The quilting was left relatively sparse.  The name of the quilt was chosen to express my deep feelings for my husband."

The next quilt is a lovely redwork quilt called "Birds in My Yo Yo Garden" by Joanne Johnson and Kim Norton of Sugar Land, Texas.

"Birds in My Yo Yo Garden" by Joanne Johnson and Kim Norton of Sugar Land, TX

It contains yo-yo's of course, and is embroidered.  The design sources are traditional yo-yo quilts and redwork embroidery birds from Crabapple Hill.  The quilter's statement says, "I have always wanted to do a redwork embroidery quilt and a Yo-yo quilt.  The Yo-yos looked like flowers to me and so naturally went with the birds."

I guess you could say she killed to birds with one stone.  I am not particularly drawn to Yo-yos myself, but I have often looked at redwork quilts and thought that I would like to try it one day.

What about you?  Do you incorporate embroidery into your quilts?

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  1. A redwork quilt is on my to do someday list. Not so sure about the yo-yo's either!

  2. Lovely, thanks for taking the time to share these, I don't usually embroider, but do love a bit of machine embroidery if the design seems yo need it! Xxx


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