Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pink rose - Modern Mini Challenge

I'm doing it! Today is the last day to link up an entry for the Modern Mini Challenge at Ellison Lane.

Say it With Flowers

When Jennifer announced that she was going to host the challenge again, I had a fabulous idea and it was definitely challenging. But life got I the way, as it frequently does, and I had to put my great idea (and fully drawn out pattern) away for another time. I was a little bummed out. Then, I realized I just finished a challenging mini quilt!

So, I submit my pink rose for the challenge.  It is 23.5 inches square and is from a pattern of Melinda Bula from her Book Cutting Garden Quilts .  While I put together some of this pattern previously using her fusible technique, the thread play to finish it was a completely new to me technique until a couple of weeks ago. And boy, did I find it challenging.  I just hope it is considered modern enough.

Say it With Flowers Close Up

Despite the challenges, finishing this one up made me hanker for more. I've been considering her clematis and coneflower patterns. They sure would be fun to do if I could only find a spot on the calendar to squeeze them in!

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  1. Wow, your pink rose looks fantastic.
    Grit from Germany

  2. Hi!!! This is really beautiful!!!!

  3. Looks fabulous Jen, can't wait to see the others if you find that space in the calendar!


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