Sunday, March 17, 2013

Inspirational Sunday (5) - via the 2013 Road to California Quilt Show

Under the Sea - Part 2

"Octavious" by Pamela Post of Hobe Sound, FL

This one is one of my favorites from the show.  It is called "Octavious" by Pamela Post of Hobe Sound, FL (not 10 miles from where I grew up).  This octopus is comprised of thousands of tiny pieces of hand dyed and hand painted fabric.  The quilt was assembled using fusible and machine applique and is embellished with bone, shells, sequins, and beads.  The design was adapted from a digital illustration by Alix Bronwyn of Seattle.

Thousands of pieces!  Yikes.  I love the mosaic look to this one though.  Perhaps this is the reason I've been saving all those little crumbs??

"Queen of the Nereids" by Deborah A Levy of New Orleans, LA

I originally took a picture of this next one just to show my little girls (who might be a little mermaid crazy), but I decided to include it today because of the brilliant use of color.  It is called "Queen of the Nereids" by Deborah A Levy of New Orleans, LA.  It is a wholecloth quilt.  ALL the color is hand painted and done with various textile paints, inks and dyes.

When I first looked at this one, I thought she had really done a good job of finding the perfect prints for the mermaid tail, turtles, and eagle ray.  Now, I realize that she actually painted all those designs.  Amazing.  I guess if you can't find the right fabric, that is now an option with all the great paints available these days.

This photo doesn't really do the quilt justice, but the quilting on this one was really cool too.

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  1. The top quilt must have taken forever! I'd love to see it in real life to get a better idea of the technique. And the mermaid one is fab!


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