Sunday, March 3, 2013

Inspirational Sunday (3) - via the 2013 Road to California Quilt Show

The Tale of Two Quilts!

"Ruffled Roses" by Sue Glass of Redondo Beach

This one is called "Ruffled Roses" by Sue Glass of Redondo Beach (hey, that's where I live!), quilted by Linda Crane.  The Design is from the 2011 BOM on the Quilt (patterns by Sue Garman).

"McTangerine Rose" by Lynn Droege of Overland Park, KS

This is one is called "McTangerine Rose" by Lynn Droege of Overland Park, KS, and quilted by Lisa Sipes.

Look familiar?  It is the same pattern from the 2011 BOM by Sue Garman!  How different each quilt looks based on the color and fabric choices each quilter used.  It just goes to show you how individual choices can really make a completely different quilt!

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  1. Amazing quilts, although the tangerine is a bit too full on for me to be honest!

  2. Gorgeous! Lisa did a post on how she quilted that one - she is amazingly inspirational!

  3. Fascinating to see the different colourways.


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