Monday, March 12, 2012

To Catch a Leprechaun

Not much sewing happened today.  I did sew this:

What the heck is that, you ask?  It's a table cloth of course!  For this tiny table:

The table is made from an empty spool of thread and an empty spool of ribbon.  The chairs were caps from my daughters applesauce and a few lollipop sticks cut in half.  Why, oh why, you ask?

Well my daughter's kindergarten homework this week is to build a leprechaun trap.  Why do they need to be trapped?  I'm sure if she were older, we would be organizing rallys to free the leprechauns against unjust treatment, but she is in kindergarten.  Trapping one of those little men is said to be possible, but they are very tricky!  We spent all weekend formulating our plan (READ "my plan"), we would build a fairy house, complete with treasure, and just when he goes to take it, the trap will snap shut!  Here is our house:
Leprechans like green.  Notice the sky lights!

Interior view, prefurnishings.  Fairy's have hardwood floors, nice!

Treasure in one corner, lit fire in the other.  Hmm, looks a little cramped, much like my first apartment.

oversized bed, and an artist's easel, because DD insisted the fairy was an artist!

Yes, I made the bedspread yesterday during naptime.

I haven't quite figured out how the trap will "snap shut" yet, but we have until Thursday.  My daughter has a lot of work of her own to do decorating the house with art, and the outside with flowers, etc.  If you were a leprechan, would you go in this house?

leprechaun's view thru front door

I will post additional pictures of the finished details in a few days.

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  1. Yes I would! And I wouldn't mind being shut in there either :-)


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