Thursday, March 22, 2012

A few Easters ago....

Only a couple of years ago, I finished up my intro to quilting class just before spring.  Eager to continue to use my sewing machine to do something. I saw some cute chicks in the Quilts & More magazine, and I decided to make them and also some fabric eggs.

The girls found the basket of eggs and decided to "practice" hunting for eggs

Back then, my eldest was only 2 and didn't quite get the whole Easter egg hunt thing.  I didn't want to fill plastic eggs with candy only to find them in a windowsill or behind the couch weeks later, so I told her for each fabric egg she found I would trade her for a treat.  I admit this hunt wasn't very exciting for anyone, but they are cute.

An added benefit: if Lizzy (#2) decides to chuck one at Olivia (the baby), it will likely result in giggles instead of tears.  Hmm, maybe I should incorporate these into our Easter again this year.

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