Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Batik Stripe UFO progress

Remember my February UFO, the Batik Stripe?  Well, it resurfaced!  While I cannot say my sewing machine was even turned on yesterday, I did manage to at least get this one sandwiched and pinned.  The marking was done over a week ago on another too lazy to sew day.
Tookie, my "helper"

Inspector Tookie
Because I really like this quilt, I decided to go through the trouble of pinning it.  It takes longer, but I have less trouble with puckers and the quilt layers stay more square than if I use a spray baste.  Something about the smoothing out process in the spray baste gets things all awry.

Now, I just need to quilt the darn thing and call it done!

I spent most of my day driving the family around, but I did start on a project for Easter.  You just have to wait a little longer before I post about it.


  1. I'm with Tookie. I could lay down on this quilt and enjoy a snooze. Love the colors!

  2. awww Tookster. Oh, and beautiful quilt, Sis.


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