Monday, December 22, 2014

Last minute gift ideas

Need some last minute gift ideas (and let's face it, at this point, it really IS LAST minute).

**First, please be aware that these are all Amazon affiliate links.  If you purchase something after clicking on a link, I may be compensated a minuscule percentage of your purchase.  I usually use these few cents to fund postage for giveaways, etc.  But, the FCC says I need to warn you, so that's what I'm doing.   Please do not feel like you have to click through my links.  If you do, thank you!**

1) For Quilters who have special "Helpers": Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

Finally, a way to use all those little hairs left behind from your faithful helper. I thought this was a hoot! I hope I get it in my stocking.

2)  Do you know anyone who has always wanted to make a Milliefiore quilt?  Well, there is a new Quilt Along starting in January, hosted by the author of The New Hexagon: 52 Blocks to English Paper Piece.  Here is the link to her website to get all the details, but one thing is for sure, you will need the book.

***Updated: I ordered the book, and it arrived today.  It is not exactly what I expected when I originally recommended this book. In browsing through the book online, it looked like there were a bunch of fun pieced hexagon patterns, and the QAL shows that she has arranged these pieced hexies into a Milliefiore layout; however, the layout is not in the book.  I thought it would be.  I am hopeful that all will become apparent the moment the QAL starts, and she will provide instructions on how to use the pieced hexies in the layout to create the Milliefiore look.  Fingers crossed.  

In browsing through the book, it looks like there are several fun patterns to try out.

3) For the modern quilter:Savor Each Stitch: Studio Quilting with Mindful Design by Carolyn Friedlander

I have this book and thoroughly enjoy it.  I love reading about how she approaches her designs, and the designs themselves are lovely.  I have several on my "want to make soon" list.  Perhaps one or two of my swap buddies will end up with her designs??

You could always add a charm pack of Carolyn's new line, Doe to go with it.

4) For the kids:Boogie Board 8.5-Inch LCD Writing Tablet, Pink (PT01085PNKA0002)

I bought these for my girls this year.  I know there are drawing and writing apps for the iPad that probably do the same thing, but these looked fun for writing notes to one another, drawing in the car, etc.  And probably best of all, they can't use them to get on Netflix or YouTube when I'm not looking, because, yes, that is a problem around here.

5) For the Man in your life: J&D's Bacon Salt, Original, 2 Ounce

You had him at "Bacon"!

Or if he is the type to misplace things: Tile for iOS and Android - For Finding Anything and Everything - 8 Pack

These are tiny little tiles that you can put in your messenger bag, attach to your keys, or children, you know, whatever you are misplacing in the house.  Then you can use your phone to find the tile.  I bought a 4 pack for our house, so I'll let you know how it goes.  If only I could attach one to my sanity, which I lose all the time, or my temper -- that would be useful.

6) And for anyone that does applique or paper piecing, I still highly recommend the Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Blue

I know you can make light boxes out of plastic containers and several other things, but this is a lightweight, thin, pad that you can take or store anywhere.  I use mine more frequently than I would have thought and love it.

I am finally done with my shopping for the year, though not done with the items I am making for people.  Thanks to all that is going on around here, I haven't had as much time to sew as I thought I would, so I think I am going to be pulling an all-nighter Christmas Eve.

Well, I better get back to it.

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  1. good to read about the hexagon quiltalong, I have the book so have signed up to try and have a go thanks

  2. I need the tiles, but I need to attach them to my phone - that's not going to work us it? Have a great one xxxx

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