Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Mail Day - IG Mini Quilt Swap

At the end of last week, I received the most delightful package from my partner, Shonna, in the the IG mini quilt swap hosted by Sandy at Curly Boy.

IG Mini Quilt Swap 2014

Isn't her quilt just stunning??  I must admit that once people started posting about having received their quilts, I started stalking the hashtag for the group wondering what unclaimed quilt might be mine.  There were so many truly wonderful quilts, but I secretly hoped Shonna's quilt was headed my way.   I can't describe the excitement I felt when I opened up her package and saw it.

Speaking of packaging.  Even Shonna's packing looked gorgeous.  I've definitely learned a bit about presentation from her for future swaps.  I am usually just hoping that my stuff will get to where it is going, and stay dry.

IG Mini Quilt Swap 2014

Oh, and the goodies!  Extras are usually optional in most swaps, and I always try to add some fabric and/or another handmade item to my packages, but when receiving a package, I never really expect much.  I am usually blown away by the generosity of my partners.  In my survey, I mentioned that I would love a few charm squares from my partner's stash in colors I need for my next hexy project.  Well, not only did Shonna give me 3 cuts of fabric in those colors so I can cut several charms from them, but she also included some Tula Pink's Foxfield and Moonshine charm packs.

IG Mini Quilt Swap loot

There were also some sweet treats included.  The Rolo's disappeared into the belly of at least one child before I could taste them, but those Milk Duds were mine all mine.

The quilt now has a place of honor on my wall of minis.

Just some of my mini's on the wall.

This is just a temporary layout as I have discovered some more mini's that I can hang.  That one on the right that says "Jennifer" was from my first swap a few years ago - the Name Game Swap. Ah, the memories! As you can see, there is also room for more.....

I've signed up for 2 more mini swaps in the next few months. I'm still picking out my patterns for the  mini's I plan to make, and I'm already contemplating what extra's I can include to live up to Shonna's excellent example.

Thanks again Shonna!

And thanks for reading everyone,



  1. What a lucky girl - love the mini you received! It's a great idea to have a wall of mini's, I may have to copy that! :)

  2. Oh. My. Gosh! That's *almost* as gorgeous as the one you sent me! Lucky Jen!!!!!

  3. What a talented and generous partner!! It looks fabulous on your wall :)

  4. very impressed with this mni quilt would not have a clue how Shonna made it wonderful and so many extra goodies too you are one lucky girl Jen


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