Friday, May 23, 2014

Voting Time! - Blogger's Quilt Festival vote

It's voting time!

Please go on over to Amy's Creative Side and vote for your favorites in each category.  Voting starts today and only goes through Thursday, May 29th.  Also, be sure to check out the Viewer's Choice Award category.  My favorite quilt of Jess at the Elven Garden has been nominated in this category.

There are some stunning quilts this year, and I am sure everyone participating appreciates your consideration.  I know I do!

Monet Inspired wall quilt
My Monet, entry in the art quilt category

Doll quilt turned wall hanging or sewing mat
Quilts and Friends Make Life More Colorful, my entry in the ROYGIV category

Thanks for stopping by today,



  1. That's my plan for Sunday - all the entries ! X

  2. Oh you are the sweetest Jen! Best of luck, yours are both amazing entries. I'm with Benta - hoping to have a look at all the entries over the weekend!

  3. Best of luck. I love both your entries xx

  4. I wrote back to you, but do need to leave a comment on here so you know how terrific these two quilts are. I love your ROYGBIV quilt (as you probably know by now, I love colorful quilts with lots of white) and that Monet-inspired quilt is so lovely, as well.


  5. I spent the morning voting, but thanks to your reminder, I need to go back for viewers choice!


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