Sunday, May 4, 2014

Inspirational Sunday (30) - via the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

I really didn't think one quilt show would ever generate 30 posts, but here we are at #30 from the 2013 International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, and I still have more quilts to share!

I think for the next 2 Sundays I'm going to let the quilting take center stage.  Of course that means some wholecloth quilts!

The first quilt today is called "Creme de la Creme" by Bonnie Keller of Chehalis, Washington.  It won the Robert S. Cohan Master Award for Traditional Artist in the Merit Quilting Hand category.  She used Trapunto, boutis, beads, ink, embroidery, couching, and it is hand quilted.  It is an original design inspired by the works of William Morris.

"Creme de la Creme" by Bonnie Keller of Chehalis, Washington

She says, "William Morris' designs inspired me as an interior designer, and his designs continue to inspire me as a quilter.  Pulling elements from his works, I created this design for hand quilting.  I put the vibrant green Morris reproduction backing fabric with the right side facing inward in order for it to shadow through to the front, creating a subtle grayed background.

"Creme De La Creme" by Bonnie Keller, close up

It is just stunning!

Next up is "Green Meadows" by Vicki Russell of Magnolia, Texas.  It is free-motion quilted.  Her design source is interesting, "I was thinking of the movement of willow tree in the wind. Corner motif ideas came from a building magazine article."

"Green Meadows" by Vicki Russell of Magnolia, TX

She says, "In my first Linda V. Taylor class, she talked about and sketched stacked feathers on a white board and referred to them as "elegant feathers".  Doodling these feathers inspired this quilt.  This shad of green cloth and pearl white thread reminds me of a the year Houston had a big freeze.  Everything was dripping with ice.  It was beautiful in the countryside."

"Green Meadows" by Vicki Russell of Magnolia, TX, close up

I just love the center medallion.

"Green Meadows" by Vicki Russell, close up of center

That's some tiny quilting in the backgrounds!

Finally for today is "Custard Square" by Camilla Watson of Wellington, New Zealand.  It won Honorable Mention in the Miniature category.  It is machine quilted, shadow trapunto'd and is an original design.

"Custard Square" by Camilla Watson of Wellington, New Zealand

She says, "An original design, the basket, flowers and setting were inspired by a variety of traditional, bed-size, wholecloth quilts."

"Custard Square" by Camilla Watson, close up

I love the idea of trying out a wholecloth design on a mini FIRST!  I think bed-size would be a little overwhelming, but mini....I could get into that!

What about you?  Have you ever made or considered making a wholecloth quilt?

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  1. Someday - I am going to attempt a wholecloth quilt. That day is not today. :-)

    Just finished catching up after being offline for too long. That Monet! Holy crap, Jen - seriously? Wow! And your generous tutorial where you make the whole thing look super simple. Amazeballs. :-)

  2. Great quilts this week, I love the idea to use the backing fabric right side in, to 'tint' the white. Cant believe its been 30 weeks, I truly enjoyed your shows,
    thank you for sharing!

  3. I would never have guessed 30 of these, but they are perfect sized, and Im really enjoying them! Im more of a patchworker than a quilter so i can't see that I'd ever make one, but the whole cloth ones are fab to look at

  4. Amazing quilts as always Jen, can't see anything like them in my future though :)


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