Friday, May 9, 2014

1st Communion Banner - a finish Friday

It has been a while since I've shared a finish on the blog.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram know I finished this one up last week, just not in time to share on Friday.

Ashley's 1st Communion Banner

As part of my eldest daughter's 1st Communion, we had to make a banner to place on the end of the pew assigned to our family.

The design was inspired by a Papyrus greeting card (I think for Easter).  I altered the design to fit the occasion and to include the symbols of the Communion.  Not being Catholic myself, I had to look those up!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, with the exception of the area near the letters in her name.  I basically cut a piece of felt to be my background and built my scene on top of it, with the intention of sewing it to the stiffer felt they gave us as a base.  The area near the top of the stiffer felt was folded and glued to keep the ribbon attached, and it was really difficult to sew through.  I went through 2 needles on that area, they kept getting gummed up and my stitches kept skipping, resulting in slightly crooked letters.  Oh well.  Done is better than not done, and Ashley really likes it.  I also got to try out some of the metallic threads I've had for a while.  Fun!

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  1. It is lovely Jen I bet that your daughter is thrilled with it. What a great idea to have these on the ends of the pews.

  2. Jen, that's fab, and if Ashley likes it that's perfect! What a lovely idea, did it throw some families into panic though?

  3. Yes it is really fabulous and will keep the idea in mind when it is our turn.

  4. Way to go, Jen! It's lovely! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  5. cute banner Jen and so glad you put your instagram link up - I haven't been able to find you on IG :)


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