Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July progress and August goal setting

I'm skipping WIP Wednesday today, despite having something in the works.  As it is the last day of the month, I am posting a progress report instead.  These reports are probably more helpful to me, and less interesting to you, so bare with me....

July UFO's
  • Finish "Gigantor" - DONE!!
  • Baste Beginner QAL quilt - Uh....not so done.  I did cut out the batting today and pieced the backing, so hopefully I will get this basted in the next few days.  My attention is drawn elsewhere at the moment (no surprise).
Helpers turned models (Gigantor quilt)
The "Gigantor" quilt

July New FO's
  • Bring some kind of hand project with us on vacation - I opted for some more Sashiko coasters rather than hexies.  The problem was, when given a choice between stitching and taking a nap while on vacation.  I chose to take naps.  Thus, only one little coaster got finished and another is barely started.  I am not particularly pleased with the stitching on this one.  I could blame Olivia for climbing in my lap every time I started one of these, but that would only be partially true.  I find that it takes a coaster or two to really get a good rhythm; clearly I haven't yet.  Sashiko coaster WIP
  • Have fun - DONE!

August UFO's

I recently joined the Lazy Bum group on Flickr, which is a UFO busting group, and I am waiting to see what the August challenge is.  Regardless, my priorities really need to be in this order:
  • Catch up on Star of Africa Bee Blocks - I am 5 blocks behind so this really needs to be my #1 priority.  I have ideas for the 3 oldest ones, one of which is really ambitious.  So cross your fingers for me.
  • Finish my Sewing Mat - this one is almost cheating because I am nearly done.  I decided I want to add some hand quilting to it, but then all I have to do is assemble and bind it.Sewing mat WIP
  • Swoon - I've done a lot of cutting for this one and assembled a couple of flying geese, but I really want to get going on this one.
August NewFO's
  • small projects - I am fresh out of goodies to give to friends, so I need to make some more.
  • QAYG bag - I finished my class for this project and am itching to do one, like NOW.
There are going to be plenty of "Camp Mommy" days in August, so this might be too ambitious a list, but that would be nothing new around here.  I always seem to be more optimistic about what can be accomplished in a day than is actually possible.

Please tune in later this week for more of my musings.  Mixed in with my normal ramblings, I may have a giveaway announcement!

Thanks for reading today,


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  1. Nice job. I tried sashiko once. Knd of fun.

  2. I love your gigantor quilt, is that done with a diappearing 9-patch block? Your sewing mat is looking great too, I love the colors! (I found you through Cat Patches NewFO linkup).

  3. Every time I see Gigantor I love it more... definitely going on my MUST Make Someday list! Love your models too.

  4. I am intrigued by the sound of your very ambitious Star of Africa Bee block, I shall look forward to reading more about it :)

  5. I like your gigantor quilt! Looks like the girls really like it too.

  6. The coaster to fab to me, interlocking + signs? Yes? Gigantor looks fab too, but I think I'm (at least) as far behind as you on the SoA blocks :-(


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