Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Fresh Sewing Day

Nothing profound to say today.  April came and went.  I wish it stayed a little longer.

I had loads of fun this month making bee blocks and little mug rugs.  There is even one quilt in the mix!  And don't you just love the Lucky Stars BOM blocks?  The April one is my favorite so far.  I was so excited by how it turned out that I bought the backing for that quilt - like way ahead of time!

April mosaic

1. Simply Solids April for Licet, 2. Make it Modern April, 3. We Bee Learning April, 4. Daffodil mug rug, 5. Mood mug rugs front, 6. Lucky Stars April, 7. Lucky Stars March, 8. Les Amis top, 9. Bee's Helping Bees blocks for Hayley

I can't wait to see what May brings.  There are some interesting requests from Bee mates, another blog hop, and I am nearly finished with my first finish of the month!  Stay tuned.

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  1. Such a gorgeous mosaic Jen!

  2. April flew! I'm with you for May, school will be done! woohoo! Great mosaic :)

  3. Lots of grey in your April, love the Lucky Stars block too!

  4. A beautiful selection of items.

  5. Your mosaic looks wonderful - you've had a great month :)

  6. I do love that star and those hearts and those umbrellas!


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