Sunday, April 7, 2013

Inspirational Sunday (8) - via the 2013 Road to California Quilt Show

Cosmic Wonders

Today's inspiration comes from two quilts that I felt were inspired by the cosmos.  The first is quite obvious.

"Azzurro" by Lisa R Jenni of Redmond, WA

It is called "Azzuro" by Lisa R. Jenni of Redmond, WA.  It is an original design that was inspired by weeks of reading about sun flares in the newspaper.

"Elsa's Knot" by Ann Helbling of Fargo, ND

This one is called "Elsa's Knot" by Ann Helbling of Fargo, ND, and quilted by Clem Buzick.  The design is called "Solar Flare" from the book, Blocks to Diamonds, by Cheryl Malkowski.  It uses strip pieced squares and diamonds.

Here is a detailed shot of the quilting:

detail of "Elsa's Knot" by Ann Helbling of Fargo, ND

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  1. Great quilts Jen, the quilting on the second quilt is glorious!

  2. Wow those are amazing, and yep I'm inspired!!

  3. Wow - That is amazing and has just inspired me to use a similar-class top that's been sitting around not exactly floating my boat to work some FMQ motifs so that it does float my boat. :D Thanks for sharing. Now I need to go surf the artists you've mentioned!

  4. Oh aren't these just delicious Jen?! :)

  5. I love the quilting on the second one - amazing!

  6. Oh wow, such a lot of work in both, thanks for sharing xxx

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